Tuesday, July 31

Let's Talk About Brads Baby

Let's talk about brads baby
Let's talk about you and me

Who sang that song originally?
Was that Color Me Badd??
Always loved the double dd in Badd.

Can we seriously talk about the new rhinestone brads from Stampin' Up!©?
Made this card for one of the Dare To Get Dirty Challenges over at Splitcoast and I swear, hand to the bible, I punched the holes for the mini brads first to make sure they would be aligned and I got this!

Those wonky brads all over the place do not make me happy!

And what is even worse is that when I opened my brand new package, I got some with missing gems and some with gems falling out! Like these.
And the reason that I cannot get the damn things to lie straight is because their "stems" are all crooked and crazy, so when you bend them out, they make your brads lay where ever they feel like it.
Called SU! because this was just not right and there was no way I would be selling these to anyone in good conscious.
I was told they are working on improving the brads, they have gotten other complaints.
And they are sending me new ones and I am sending back my defective ones.
But there is no guarantee on the new ones coming that they will be any better.
So in the meantime, I am not selling these to anyone.
I just can't in good faith.

Had this problem when I worked at Archiver's too, told people what not to buy...they don't really appreciate that in retail.
But, I figure, if I am selling it or recommending it, then I better believe in it otherwise I look like either I am a liar or I don't know what I am talking about.
Neither is true.
Don't buy the brads!
Wait til they are new and improved.


Unknown said...

lol. I had this on my list of things that I wanted out of the catalog! I can't believe they would even sell them when they knew that they weren't the best. Oh well, thanks for letting me know. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip! And good for you for sticking to your scruples. I like that!

Alyssa said...

Mine are still on back order, but I have some from another company (they look exactly the same) and they are fine...I don't want to mention the other company on your blog, but if you want to know, post on my blog and I'll give you the details.

oh, and I think the song from your post was sung by Salt and Peppa...if it's the same song I have going in my head.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

dude! so annoying! what's with quality control issues...? especially when they are supposed to be all about quality products... grrr... I agree, I wouldn't sell them until I could be sure they were going to be okay.

but actually, since your "crooked" line is straight (though at an angle), it looks fine from here. :) so at least your card is saved!

Mimi said...

I always chalk it up to user error, when things land cattywompus like that.

I think it was Salt N Peppa.

Jane said...

How funny...when I first saw the card I thought how cool it looked because it looks like you MEANT for the brads to lead up to the greeting (like a trail). But yes, if you were trying for a straight line...this would be really annoying!


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Salt N peppa!!!

Paula said...

Well, Simone, the card is really pretty anyway. I love the colors that you used. Great combo. That's a shame about the brads. Don't you hate it when a company does that?

Cat said...

I noticed the same thing with my 'bling' brads. So, now I just keep a small pair of pliers handy... turn the brad over and grab the flanges together, then press lightly towards the bottom of the bling. That makes it flatter and will set in your punched hole better. HTH!

Anne said...

Happened on to your blog via my friend "My Paper Trails!" I will return when I have a free moment next. *wink*

LOVE your ideals and totally agree! *wink* It appears that SU! hasn't worked out their product issues prior to offering them for sale?! Issues with the punches too! As a consumer I don't appreciate some of their policies and the increasing prices for less product. *insert sad face*

Anne :)