Monday, July 9

Family Reunion 2007

My mom's side of the family always tries to gather right around the July 4th holiday because that is my grandma's birthday, so it was off to Indiana for us on Saturday.
Despite the sweltering heat, I loved seeing the whole extended family and most of all my grandma because she has had a rough year battling lung cancer.
My mom's mom has always been a total pistol, she is 5 feet of attitude and craziness and when we saw her last year she had lost her zing and we knew there was something off.
Found out much after the diagnosis that the poor woman who was never a smoker, developed lung cancer and at the ripe 'ol age of 78 started battling for her life.
I should have known with all the stubbornness that this woman possess that there was no way she was gonna let cancer win....and that is exactly what she decided.

So we ate.
We always eat. (way too much)
And caught up.
Everybody from the Indiana gang is pregnant. (looks like I will have recipients for those elephant cards soon enough!)
Talked with my grandma, who just kept telling everybody, "I wanted you to see me and see that I'm still kickin'!"
And went with the thought that we were celebrating her 80th birthday, only to find out that she was only 79!!

Just a few shots from the hundred I took. You'll notice that I am the uber white girl in the photos, I look like I was adopted!! (my nephew too!)
1. Auntie Sue and Preggo Raquel, 2. stephanie and cousin Chris, 3. uncle ricky and cousin alex, 4. me & aunt gina, 5. uncle ricky, auntie gina and cousin alex, 6. Familia 2007, 7. grandma's 79th bday, 8. grandma vega, 9. bro andrew and uncle ricky, 10. cousin consuelo, 11. me, mom, grandma3 generations, 12. grandma, 13. consuelo, cousin chris and grandma, 14. IMG_2388, 15. david, raquel and baby on the way, 16. three generations, 17. stinker! (my nephew and sis), 18. baby bro grillmaster, 19. cousins hope and consuelo and my mom, 20. little steph, 21. col and ryan, 22. mom and greg, 23. look up!, 24. the girls

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