Sunday, July 22

CHA - part One of MANY

Spent two days at CHA and saw it all, many times over.
Thought I would post just a few photos while I have a moment, but there are about 200 photos of CHA, so I am sure there will be many, many sneak peeks and lots of opinion coming your way over the next few days.

ALSO...stay tuned because I have a CHA giveaway coming this week, gotta empty the bags and pull all the stuff together first though.


First off....Fancy Pants Designs
New rubons and New stamps (no pictures, sorry)
New transparencies, very cool!Sample with new papers, transparencies and chipboard.Then, we headed to Autumn Leaves.
New Rhonna Farrer Rubons...Very Cool and many in that little tin.Felt ribbon...everybody had this now, one great idea that popped up last year and now it seems everyone has copied it!
Anyone want to guess what this shape is supposed to be?
The girl who took our order in their booth didn't even know what it was!
Weird flower, perhaps?
They have more shaped paper too.
Lots of buttons still, which is cool.
New clear stamps, love those journaling blocks.
Journaling seemed to be a big focus this year, lots of companies had journaling stamps, tags, stickers, papers...huge push for people to write more.
I like it!
New bags with the Foofala design, totally ugly.
Next up...gel-a-tins
New gelly powder and gelly gems.
Oh and new scented embossing powders that were really smelly, 6 different scents!
They had some really great samples and I just love their script alphabet on this layout.This set totally looks like the new SU Pick a Petal, doesn't it?!And as a bonus, while I was standing at the gel-a-tins booth waiting for a chance to try their clear stamps (we tried many, many clear stamps this weekend!), I spotted.....
Michele!Seriously, I don't really know how I even recognized her from a distance and when I walked up to approach her, I really wasn't positive it was her, but I was hoping. (I woulda looked like a complete dork if it wasn't)
Thankfully it was and she is just the cutest, skinniest (I need the secret), friendliest person and exactly like I thought she would be.
We will definitely meet up again, I have a feeling we could gab for hours.
I never even got to try out those stamps because I was too busy blabbering to Michele.
Love when I actually meet my blogger friends and they are even better in person.

More CHA coming....


Michele Kovack said...

You are sooo sweet yourself! Call me girlie!! We gots lots to share!

elizabeth said...

oh i've been waiting for you to post pics!

i figured journaling squares were going to be all the rage.

lovin' those rubons/transparencies.

i have two tins of those rhonna rubons and can't wait to play with it.

can't wait to see more.
i hate that we missed it this year.
how were those freebies?

Mimi said...

Oooooh! Great releases, I love those script stamps too, and while I don't need a new bag, I do like the black and white paisly look.

kathy said...

looks like you are having a ball

clhenry99 said...

So jealous!! love the stamps the most! thanks so much for the peek!

Alyssa said...

I love the felt ribbon...and smelly embossing powder, who knew! I have seen this done by adding sugar free kool aid to clear embossing powder, but now someone decided to market the crazy! Thanks for the sneek peek.

gloria said...

wow, thanks for the peeks!!
i totally don't get the smelly embossing powders though, why would we need to scratch and sniff our pages?!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

oh... i'm so super jealous! all weekend I kept saying to my hubby "all my blogging buddies are at cha and there's no one to play with and I WANNA GO TOO!"

he didn't get it... sigh....

next year, I'm crashin' your pad.. :) LOL!

Kristina Lewis said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! I want to see more! I love the heart and button page and I love gel-a-tins, but can't believe how much that set looks like pick a petal. Who else did you see there? I live vicariously through you!!

Anonymous said...

This stuff looks great! TFS!
Michele definitely is the sweetest! Glad you had the chance to meet her!