Friday, July 6

CHA is coming! CHA is coming!

Yep, just two weeks til CHA and I am so ready!
You may not know this about me, but not only am I lucky that I have a friend named Carol who is 1000 more sarcastic and cynical than me, but she also runs an online Ebay store, so guess who gets to go to CHA every year.....ME!
Not only do I get the perks of having a friend with an online scrap biz, and there are many! But I also get to join her every summer at CHA and help her decide what to buy, how cool is that?!!

So, not only do I get first pick of anything she carries but I get to help pick what to carry....what can be better.
If you are not familiar with CHA, it is a tradeshow for retailers, manufacturers, designers to go and see all the upcoming products for crafting and place orders. And that's all crafting, even sewing, knitting, stained name it.
It is only open to members, so it is not like an Expo or convention. And you really can't buy anything unless you are a retailer, then you place orders for products that will ship in August or September usually.

The biggest perk, besides seeing everything before it even hits the store, is that there are tons of freebies, make-n-takes, and millions of amazing projects everywhere.
It is like craft heaven.
I am always so pumped after I go to CHA and ready to just make, make, make.

So, I'm getting ready for the big event.
Checking out sneak peeks, looking for news on what make-n-takes will be there and getting excited about the big SIS event so maybe I will meet some fellow SIStahs!

So if you're gonna be at CHA this year, let me know, we can bump into each other!
And if you are not, rest assure that I will be taken about 1000 pictures with my new camera and giving a FULL report.

And here is some sneak peeks of what will be released, so take a peek and take the poll. I'd love to hear what everybody else would get excited about.

Whole List of Sneak Peeks
2 Daisies Designs
Piggy Tales
Blog filled with Sneaks
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Crafty Connie said...

I know you will have a great time and look forward to picking your brain for new ideas. Do me a favor and check out the knitting/yarn while you are there.

Jenn D said...

How exciting! I'm going to CHA too. I can't wait. I already told my family I'm going to be MIA all of that weekend.


Greta Adams said...

i am so damn pissed off i can't stand it... I WANNA COME AGAIN THIS YEAR....WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I am super pissed i am missing the SIS event...lord knows it has to be better than the errrr.....nevermind...u knew where i was going...let's say ummm.....out for dessert after....bwhahahahahahaha

creativeapples said...

oohh!!!!! can you pick up some extra catalog for moi?

Kristina Lewis said...

Woman! I sooo want to go. I am green with envy!

elizabeth said...

oh i'm soooo jealous! take a ton of pics and sneek me some goodies would ya ;)

i think all the new stuff is going to be sooooo much better than last year and just remember how we acted then :)

oh and take plenty of pics at sis event too and make sure you give me the 411. it can't be worse than last

Stampindamour said...

Love your BLOG!!!

I'll be at CHA too!! My ONLINE store just went live today--but, I need to load in the hundreds of products into the store--here it is if you want to take a sneak peek!

Thanks for the CHA tidbits--soounds like I'll need another suitcase!! LOL! :-D