Thursday, June 7

Vacationing Spazz Style

Just a sneak peek at a couple pictures from my trip to Austin.
I am still editing and tweaking my pictures because a certain brother of mine and his "I'm better than you" manual mode has left quite few shots in need of some photoshop magic.

So, for the time being...

When on vacation, I highly recommend finding crazy items and then posing with them. What is more fun on vacation than a package of "Stylish Moustaches", one for everyday of the week.
This is the Hollywood, it was for Monday and we wore it on a Friday, so rebellious.

I swear my brother looks like the leader of an evil drug cartel in this picture.

And it makes me laugh every time.

I actually wore the moustache first and tried to get the perfect pose. Can you see I am thinking up a devilish scheme.
We had hoped to wear the staches and try on sombreros, but who woulda known that Texas had such strict "No trying on sombreros" policies...No fun!!

Yep, this is the silliness that I aspire to achieve all the time.


Crafty Connie said...

My gosh you both look so cute with your Snidely Wiplash stashes.

Mimi said...

Bwhaahahahhaahha, LOVE it!

michelle sturgeon said...

I can tell you are thinking up a devilish scheme because you are twirling your moustache in the classic, "I'm thinking up a devilish scheme" fashion.
Tenting your fingers together and laughing maniacally are also other classic ways to show you are thinking up a devilish scheme.
That is all I know about devilish schemes.