Wednesday, June 6

Another Long Limb Guy

Another quick card with my new little stamp from American Art Stamp, Karen Stolper.
I used Pumpkin Cardstock, which I rarely use outside of October and a cute little red card I got at the big sale as well for only $1.25 for 5 with envelopes! They are from Memory Box and come all scalloped and ready to go.

Memory box has quite a few cute stamps and I find myself having to steer clear of even viewing them at the store because I won't be able to resist and these are not cheap stamps. If you like penguins, don't even look at their website because you won't be able to resist these little guys. (there's a contest too!!) For me, I am having trouble not buying their cupcakes, so delicious. They must be older though because I don't even see them on their website anymore.

I used my oval from A muse to ground the little guy. Never realized what a huge difference that really makes til now. Colored him with the Prismacolor pencils, apparently the best investment I have made lately because I can't stop using them. Stamped "love you" using my tiny alphabet stamps, they fit almost perfectly.
When I bought him in the store I kept counting out the hearts to figure out what they could "say", I am a spazz like that.


Unknown said...

That stamp is growing on me. Now I see why you bought it :)
I LOVE those penguin stamps. I'm not into them but those are ADORABLE! awww.. I gotta go look around a little more :)

Kristina Lewis said...

I love the card and the stamp! Where do you find this company? You continue to inspire!!

Crafty Connie said...

Great card Simone!
I am very jealous, creating and crafting even when you are sick.

Paula said...

This card is very cute. Nice coloring, and the verse fits so good on the hearts. Don't you love it when everything lines up?

:::::LA LA LA:::::I am not looking for the penguins!

blah said...

Very cute! Love the coloring. Darnit, am I gonna have to get some prismacolor pencils?

Libby Hickson said...

This is so cute - I just love how the scallop border looks with those hearts, it coordinates so well! And very cool lettering in those hearts too!

Michele Kovack said...

Love this little wierd guy!

gloria said...

yes, the oval.
genious idea.

cute card, love those colors together!!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

I LOVE these American Art stamps... I have about 5 of them and I think they are just too cute. Though, I gotta tell 'ya... I think your he might be a she! LOL! I'm only sayin' cause I think they're part of the "Stick Chicks" line... but it's all good... this one definitely looks a little manly to me! (btw, they have a lot of them available on