Monday, June 18

Quick Monday Post

Just a quick post today with a card made with a new A muse stamp I got at a huge sale over the weekend at Stamp On In. Can you believe the entire store was 30% off!!
Got a few new A muse stamps and these two guys are one of my favs.
Patterned paper is American Crafts.
See the punch, yep, that's new too, bought it HERE, she has other shapes too.
Stamps are both A muse.
Scalloped punch was accented with a White Sharpie, got that at 30% off too!
Gotta run now.
If you follow my blog at all, this part will come as a shocker. Shocked me.
I am officially sick....AGAIN!!
Finished antibiotics last Tuesday, woke up Thursday feelin' a little off and now it is a full blown something.
Spent my Dad's day on the couch trying to remember to breath, I now think I have bronchitis, which is perfect because what is better than strep really?
So, praying that I feel better tomorrow but until then, the light from the screen is making my sinuses nuts!!


gloria said...

ick!! hope ur well soon!!
love the card, such a cute stamp!!

Kristina Lewis said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! You are a trooper to still be stamping!! I wish we lived closer so I could go stamp shopping with you! You always seem to find the bargains. Take care of yourself!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Oh, No! Sick again, you poor thing!
I LOVE that colourful!
I hope you get better soon...again...
drop me an email with your address (cause i don't think i kept it)and I'll send ya a cheer up card!

Jo said...

Look after yourself. Hope you feel better soon. :)

Swamp Tulip said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Love your card.


kathy said...

Get it checked right away. Sorry you are not well

Crafty Connie said...


The card is great, as usual. You are definitely a die hard stamper to be doing cards when you don't feel good.

Get better so that we can go on our shopping spree to new crafting stores.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

dang... that sucks! since I've been following your blog, I feel like I need to invest in chicken soup stock. get it? invest...stock...soup....? Ha!

really, though. hope you're feeling better soon.

and I'm so jealous of your sale.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon. Those two guys are mighty handsome! LOL! Great card, and lucky you to catch that sale!

Lorrie said...

cute card! sorry you're sick again, stinks doesn't it? hope you get to feeling better soon. eat some chicken noodle soup!

Michele Kovack said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! Even when you are sick you are hilarious! My daughter just got over strep....and then her dad...I'm waiting for my turn! Oh yea and your card is adorable! Love the bright colors!