Friday, June 15

Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

Today is my girl Greta's big birthday!!
I just love this girl so much and when people ask about blogging and whether it is good or not, worth the time, fun....I always scream YES!!, mostly because of this girl.
Without blogging, I woulda never met Greta.

In January 2006, I had taken a nasty spill down a flight of stairs for my birthday, what a present, and Greta was home from work for the month because she was "getting the girls done" so we started commenting on each other's blogs.
Over the months we got to know each other through the blogs and email.
By June, she had made mention on her blog that she wanted to go to CHA which is here in Chicago and I said..."come, you can stay with me!"
Well, within about an hour, it was official her and Elizabeth were coming to Chicago in only 2 weeks.
Some people thought I was nuts inviting these two Mississippi chicks to come for a weekend and stay with me, but I knew we would have a blast!

Well, we did.

We were instant best buds.
Loved Greta from the first swear word outta her mouth which is always followed up with a "Girl!" or "It was a hoot"
We blabber on the phone about every week and a half and hopefully one of us will travel to the other this year, I think it is my turn.

So, Miss Greta, happy birthday you young hot chick!
So sad I am not in hot Mississippi for your birthday, but I actually scrapbooked just for you!
And I got a present coming, I hear Carol picked you some hot new stuff I am sure you need like a hole in the head.
Love ya!


Melanie said...

That is so cool that you've found such a good friend via the internet. I love your blog. I finally signed up for a blogger account so that I could post comments on your blog. Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday, Greta!

michelle sturgeon said...

Great page!
I think it's awesome that you invited the girls to stay with you! That is SO something I would do!
When I went to convention last year, I roomed with 3 other people that I'd NEVER met! And it was REALLY fun!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Gotta love Greta the Great!!!
Cute page, she'll love it!
Happy birthday greta!

Jo said...

Love the page and I'm sure Greta will too. Hope you have a great birthday Greta!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Great page -- and enjoyed the story, too.

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, Greta!

Greta Adams said...

oh yeah and how sad is this everything you named i have never realized until now...okay sooo lifting your things about me...yep sure am.....rocking with it girl!!!

gloria said...

happy birthday greta!!
and look, spazz, your blog is playing nice with my computer again!!


Kristina Lewis said...

Happy birhday Greta! What a great story about how you met! The page is AMAZing!

Michele Kovack said...

This is such an awesome page!