Friday, June 15

Little Author in Our House

Max brings home a book from school the other day, which should have been the last day of school but for some reason they like to make kids go to school for like an hour on the very last day and give them off the 2 days before it.
( So stupid. )
He hands me this book.
"I'm published."
I just looked at him trying to figure out why he had just handed me what looked like a text book. Sometimes he is just goofy and speaks in riddle so it is hard for me to figure out what's going on.
" Page 17"

Took me a minute to figure out he was in the book.

"Oh, you have something in this book?"

"PAGE 17!!!"

Now, he's furious that I didn't just robotically turn to the ordered page and is quickly losing the little patience he possesses.
"Oh, this is you, Max C."
All he could do was roll his eyes and then act as if he didn't care, which I know he does. Ahh, just a glimpse into what teen life will bring us soon enough, loving the attitude...Not!

Apparently there was a poetry program at school and only 8 kids in the whole program got picked to have their works published in this big book of poetry along with other kids from around the city. Totally cool.
I am so proud of my little guy and just adds to how amazing our teachers were this year.

He was told to write what he was thinking at that exact second as an exercise and this is the poem as it was published.

Max C.

What if I were not born?
What if a saber tooth tiger still exists?
What if a dolphin was not a mammal?
Is there a cure for cancer?
How do you yo-yo?
How I wish she would not have asked that question?
How do you become as famous as Beethoven?
Man, that girl is pretty beautiful.
When will we go home?
How will the teacher react when she sees this poem?
Will she be mad?
Is there a pink bunny?
Is there a white buffalo?
Am I really, really happy?
I hope Seinfeld is on.
Is there piano practice?
How will I thank the teacher?
How do you pick a lock?

He told me this is what he was thinking at that exact second, in a second!!

Think it should be called A Second with ADD or the Mind of ADD, he actually agreed but said he didn't think up the title, the teacher did.
This is exactly how the kid only a second.


Donna Baker said...

Wow! That's awesome for Max! You must be a proud mama - great poem! Sure will be a hit with the girls when the time comes *wink*

Melissa said...

Have I told you lately how much I like reading your stuff? It absolutely cracks me up! Keep 'em comin'!

Crafty Connie said...

Way to go Max!!!
Published at such an early age.
Keep up the good work in school, you are an amazing young man.

michelle sturgeon said...

Ok, I'm crying.
I don't know why.
Maybe cause I COMPLETELY get how he can think all those thoughts at basically the same time.
No, i'm not ADD, but the mind of a person with anxiety disorder works a lot the same way.
Thank God for meds, cause having 2 dozen thoughts swirling around your head at the same time, especially at night, is very frustrating!
I think his poem is amazing.
Congratulations, Max!

Mimi said...

Congratulations! Wonderful poem!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

Wowza! Congrats to him... I see a blossoming poet here! I mean, that's what poetry is, right? Taking the obvious and making it into something that makes you stop and take a deep breath and say, "yeah, that's how it is..." I'm so, so, so impressed...