Tuesday, June 5

Home!! (sick)

After a 3 1/2 hour flight delay, I was finally able to leave Austin, Texas and return home to our lovely 65 degree temperatures. Ahhhhh...cool breezes!
When I went to Austin last year my flight was delayed a couple hours as well but I thought it was a fluke, apparently Austin is notorious for that behavior according to the guy in 22D. Had I known that, I wouldn't have arrived at the airport so early and wouldn't have had to spend about 5 hours in it.
Being stuck in an airport is only truly miserable when there is no good food available or anything "to do". Austin has a very small airport (spoken from the girl who flies out of O'Hare) and the food was really limited to about 4 choices...Scholtski's (sp?) Deli Sandwiches, Amy's Ice Cream, Tacos and Chicago pizza.
Because I couldn't imagine eating a "Chicago pizza" outside of Chicago and especially in an airport in Texas, we opted for some nachos to tie us over and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
I read almost all of For One More Day by Mitch Albom.
But it is a really short book with really big print and had some Texas Crystal water, which claims, "It' like Texas in a bottle!"
Then back home at midnight as opposed to 8pm.

So, the day I left for Texas I wasn't feeling the best in the morning. A little nauseous. A little headache. But people just kept saying, "you're nervous about flying".
Well, the first morning I woke up in Texas I was sure my "nervousness" was actually something more because my throat was like sandpaper and on fire.
Apparently, I had been carrying some little strand of something probably passed on by my son and his scarlet fever and my body was just waiting for me to be in a position of true fun and happiness to slam me with a little strep throat.
I struggled with the flaming throat the whole trip, sucking down an entire bottle of advil while I was there.
The maragritas and bar-b-q sauce were murder on me, but I struggled through determined to have a good time.

Saw the alamo.
Went to The Oasis. (thanks Libby for the advice)
Went to 6th street and saw Alan Hayes.
Sweated, alot!! Don't know how you stand the heat in that state.
Went to the Austin Museum of Art, smallest museum I have ever seen!
Saw some longhorns.
Heard y'all way more than my last visited.
And saw tons of bikers because the rally was in town.
Visited the capitol again and saw way more rooms.

Didn't visit a single crafty store. Saw one through its window at night when it was closed, Craft-o-rama, but that was it.

Dragged my butt to work yesterday, sick and way tired, but you know how it is when you miss one day of work...well, two may have given my boss a stroke, so I was here.
And I am work today, still sick.
Haven't even unpacked a single thing, except my toothbrush.
Haven't even looked at my pictures.

So, when I am back to 'me', I'll have pictures and details and way more stuff to say about the great state, until then...


Mimi said...

Yuck, I'm so sorry you are sick! Eeeeeew.

I love Schlotzky's mediterranean sandwich, and ours closed, so that's what I would have chosen.

I'm glad you had a good trip.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Texas is cool...glad the times I was tehre were Nov & March so it was nice, not hot at all. That stinks that you got sick! You better make sure you don't need antibiotics, or it will never go away and you could get worse!

Libby Hickson said...

Ugh, so sorry you're sick Simone (and now perhaps a little glad we didn't meet up, *wink*). Take care of yourself! And I hope you had a little fun despite the heat & the long distances between things! And I should have told you - the better art museum in town is the Blanton. But... it's nothing like what you have in Chicago anyway. :-) Hope you're feeling better soon!

michelle sturgeon said...

Oh, no, strep is horrible! Sorry you've got it.
Sounds like "ya'll" had a great time in Austin, though.
Too bad about the flight delay. Not a whole lot to do in an airport if you've no interest in planes. (DH would have LOVED being "stuck" in an airport for 5 hours!)

Paula said...

Sorry you are sick. Maybe you already know this, but throw away that toothbrush!!. Anytime you are sick, use a new one . My DD used to get strep all the time. I bought a LOT of toothbrushes for her. LOL Feel better.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

oh boo... sorry you had to feel icky on your trip...

hope you had a good time regardless and hope you're feeling better soon!