Wednesday, May 30


Can my title be any bigger because I am WAY stressed out.
I don't deal well with stressful situations and this lovely little trip I have planned is more stress than I can really deal with. Making all the arrangements with three different people for Max and working out the travel for me and Nate as well as packing....CRA-ZEE!!
I am neurotic enough as it is, but lists and packing as well as leaving work and don't even get me started on flying....AHHHH!

Someone have a tranquilizer gun?

So before I leave just a couple things....
Do these shoes look like crocs?
I know I am going to lose a few friends with this next series of comments, but here goes...
I hate Crocs. Like seriously hate!
They look like cartoon feet, I can't stand them.
The only people who can get away with Crocs are children under the age of 6, preferably little girls.
There, I said it.
Still like me?

So, I needed sandal type shoes that I can walk around a lot in without the flip flopping of flip flop sandals, so I picked these up today and I'm not sure I like them. They kinda look like Crocs.
I don't want to look like I have Mickey Mouse feet, no offense Mickey.
Keepers?? See, I can't make a decision about anything!
Want different shoes but no time to shop between now and tomorrow's flight time.

Here is a peek at my Austin pages in my travel journal from last year, in case anyone wanted a peek. Totally a scribble style which is not like my scrappin style at all, so it was a stretch, but then again, scrapbooking on a plane is a challenge in and of itself.
Ok, that is it for now.

Wait...Does anyone know if I can take a crochet hook on an airplane?

Ok, now that is it, haven't even begun to pack or make dinner for that matter.

Hope I can post from Austin, not sure though, may be too much fun happening and won't even want to touch a computer.

Oh, wait, I think I have a couple posts for tomorrow....
See ya tomorrow then.


Lorrie said...

you are tooo funny! I like crocs and have a few pair of Wallyworld knockoffs, but a woman in my office building asked me one day if I knew my shoes were ugly. I politely said yes I did, but they're comfy. I didn't like them at first, but they are comfy! and I still like you, lol. Have fun on your trip and quit stressin', you're gonna have a blast!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

okay, if that scrappin' is not your style, it totally SHOULD be... amazing stuff there... and the shoes... you can get away with them.. kind of croc-like, but not too much so (unless they clearly look like rubber.. but then you could just say that it's all good cause you're a stamper and totally in to rubber....)

have fun

Elizabeth Royalty said...

can't believe I actually used the word totally TWICE as an adverb... that's not right.

Greta Adams said...

girl i HEART CROCS and shame on you for not wearing the most comfortable shoes of all time....SHAME ON YOU!!!! i own them in all even flip flops...but i still love you!!!

Unknown said...

I am totally LMAO! I hate crocs too...don't have any, and my friends *don't even* think about wearing them! So....

I do hope you have a good trip, and don't SPAZZ too much. Can't wait to read about all your adventures.

And Elizabeth is pretty funny about the adverb.

kathy said...

I hate crocs too and I agree only little girls should wear them but to each their own. Yours kind of lok like crocs but not really and guess what? You will hafta make due with them and that is out of your control right now so please stop stressing. Have a great time and can't wait to hear about your trip

Cat said...

I like crocs (don't hate me!). Did you know they actually come in different styles?! Anyway, that wasn't your question. Your shoes are TOO cute, just don't wear them with an evening dress and I think you're okay! :)

Unknown said...

Your scrapbooks are AWESOME! They look great. And I love your shoes! So cool. :)

Crafty Connie said...

Have a great time on your trip, take lots and lots of pics with your new camera.

blah said...

I'm totally loving this post! No, these shoes don't look like Crocs and I'm having a love/hate relationship with Crocs right now. We got some for dd and they're so darn cute on her but she's only 2 1/2 and virtually everything looks cute on her :-) I'm back and forth on whether I want some or not because they're super comfy and I can't decide if they're just ugly or cute ugly :-) Have a great trip!