Thursday, May 31

The stars at night are big and bright....

Deep in the heart of Texas!

Yep, I'll be singing that about 3 times this weekend and reenacting the scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure when they go to the Alamo, "Where's the basement?"

I am mostly packed. I will have about 45 minutes when I get home to pack up the last little bits that I left out this morning.
And anything else I forgot.
My toothbrush!!

I have made peace with the shoes.
Whomever told me to "just deal", you are a keeper.
Girl needs a good smack in the face to snap her out of the insanity sometimes and I was knee deep in insanity. Actually started looking up stores last night on the computer that opened early enough for me to go and buy new shoes and be at work on time. Insanity!
I'm wearing the damn shoes and that's that.

Got my travel scrapbook all packed up with Scenic Route paper scraps, pens, rubons and stickers. I just try to wing it as I go but generally pick a paper line and go in that color direction.
Glad I did my pages last year because reading the pages last night I had a good laugh.
And it made me remember so many silly little things about the whole trip, priceless.

I am taking my own photographer on this trip and giving him free reign to photograph me as much as he can, so I am hoping for countless silly pictures. Usually I only allow certain pictures at certain times like when I am standing on one leg holding an umbrella. kidding.
And I plan to go crazy and shoot everything because it is my first trip with a digital camera instead of film.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and pray for me on the plane.
I think I may need more than one cocktail before boarding this time because it just started raining!


Mimi said...

Travel safely, Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Libby Hickson said...

Austin's ready for ya with open arms!! It was raining here this morning, but it's clear now! Have a safe flight! Sorry I didn't get back to you with more Austin things to do, totally meant to but it's been crazy with the in-laws visiting!!!! How long will you be in town? It would be super fun to meet you, but just don't know if I can swing it with the out of town guests of our own this week! And I'm GUESSING you have way more fun things to do on a Saturday night (with your friends!) but fyi I'll be doing a crop on Saturday night at my LSS Scrapbook Crossing with a few friends if you'd like to join that!!!!!! Take care!

Libby Hickson said...

Oh and if you HAPPEN to make it out to the Oasis for drinks or dinner and a sunset view of the lake, let me know - it's right near my house! (it's a common tourist thing to do!) Actually I'll send you an email after I post this with my phone #. :-)

Michele Kovack said...

Have a safe trip! HAve a drink for me!

gloria said...


you sound so scattered!! lol
love that i'm not the only one who gets that way before a trip!!
have fun!!

Alyssa said...

Have a great time in TX! I thought your PeeWee reference was funny. "Can you say ADOBE?"Jan Hooks (Tina) as the tour guide for the Alamo.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I hope you have a ton of fun!!

Kristina Lewis said...

Have a great time in Austin! I am a "white knuckle" flyer regardless of the weather. Have a safe trip! When you get back, we are waiting for more cards and inspiration! :)

Greta Adams said...


kathy said...

I hope your having a ball.. You deserve it