Thursday, May 31

Glad Grad!

Just wanted to post this little guy before I leave so I can add it to my Amusapalooza Ambassador points for the week. In case anyone was wondering, I don't think I am anywhere in the running for this thing, but dang if I am not trying my hardest!

Got this little chap at the Stamp store last weekend for the big sale. I had seen him there before but didn't really think he "spoke" to me, but when he said 20% off, I figured, why not give the little guy a good home.
The colors for this card are my brother's graduation colors and he joked that I am 3 years late with his card.
Late with a card???
I like the way it turned out, the gold really helps it stand out.

I had great intention for this little guy when I bought him too.
"I know people graduating this year! I'll use it for that."
But now that I think about it, all the people I know are mostly girls.
This is a boy.
Wouldn't seem right to send a card with a boy grad to a girl grad, would it?
Thinking I can change his hair to pigtails.
Stay tuned.

Card details: (sorry for the lack but limited time today and brain power) Stamp - A muse, Shiny gold paper - Paper Source.


elizabeth said...

i would def. add pigtails.

he's cute.

Melissa said...

I think that's a fabulous idea! Make sure to post it if you do!

Mimi said...

I have 6 - count them 6 - graduates in my life I need to make cards for. I need to stop and the store and see if this guy wants to come home with me!

michelle sturgeon said...

Well, you know, better late than never!