Tuesday, May 29


I pretty much feel the way this owl looks...

He has that "whatever" tired look that I am so feeling after that nice long weekend. And with my trip to Austin just two days away, I am so not even somewhat capable of doing any actual work.

Over the weekend, I got this little owl stamp over at our local stamp store because they were having a big sale and this little guy was only $2!! How can you not buy it if it is only $2?? Plus, it was screaming for me to make a card with it and send it over to my buddy, Elizabeth, she really digs the owl.

I get this little guy home and don't know what the heck to do with him. What could an owl card say really? And look at this particular owl, doesn't look overly happy, does he? Like he would wish someone a happy day??!!

So he's saying hoot. That's it. hoot. Like a hello in owl-ease. And I cut the stupid brown oval myself and it looks wonky and weird, but I needed an oval and didn't have the right size template, so I just have to deal with it. That's how life goes. hoot.

At the big sale, thanks Connie for telling me about it, I also got a bunch of patterned paper (american crafts!!) for only 10 cents a sheet. Mind you, I bought some of this exact same paper for 79 cents a week before at the Archivers so I was delighted and peeved all at the same time.
Lucky me found a couple more A muse stamps and they were selling everything else in the store for 20% off, so that was good and I picked up another new stamp that just screamed "buy me, buy me" so you will be seeing a lot of that one as well.

Snapped just a few photos of family at a cookout on Sunday and I saw the new Pirate movie yesterday and besides the fact that it was so damn long, I was entertained.
See this kid....

Got picked for the All Star team for soccer.
Still making all A's and B's.
Polished all my silver jewlery this weekend because he thought it was fun.
And has the sharpest tongue in the midwest.

Oh well, three out of four ain't bad.

Card details: Stamp - A muse, Patterned Paper - Paper Adventures, Ribbon - Archiver's, White Signo Gel Pen, Black Glaze Pen, Prisma Pencils, tiny alphabet stamps.


blah said...

Dang girl,
I need to go shopping with you since you totally scored once again. Max is a cutie and sounds very sweet--no wonder you're a proud mama!

Crafty Connie said...

Lovin' the card with "Ollie" the owl. We'll have to go back when Dave gets the new stamps.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

alright... I'm really diggin' that owl.. and I happen to like the wonky oval, too... gives it that "yeah, whatever" feel - LOL! LOVE IT! and you're son is a-dorable! (don't tell him I said that though... right? they don't like that at 9? ... thank god mine are still little...:)

elizabeth said...


that card is going to make its way to moi?

eeek! how exciting! i love it. can't wait to see it in person. and its funny b/c just today that bitch greta was telling me how sassafrass is coming out with a set of owl stamps and i was pissed b/c i am on a spending faaa-rreeeeze! (how dare her right?)

Donna Baker said...

cute card! email me from my blog so we can hook up for a Cherry Limeade when you're in Austin!!

Unknown said...

I wish I could find deals like that. I live in a little hick town. It literally makes a circle around a lake (No lie) and I have to drive 45 minutes just to get to Wal Mart. There is a store about 35 minutes away that sells scrapbooking stuff but she is NEVER open. I wish we had more shops like that around here :( That owl stamp is adorable! He's cute. Looks great!

Greta Adams said...

what can i say...it takes a bitch to know one right? lol

she will love it...


Mimi said...

Whohoooo, Way to go!