Friday, May 25

Friday Frenzy Continues....

Yes, more posts for this Frenzy of a Friday, I think I woke up with a thought about everything, so just a few thoughts for now:

  • Thanks for the Austin, Texas ideas!! I have been there before so I have seen 6th street and the capitol building as well as Umlaf (sp?) Sculpture Garden, so I appreciate all the lesser known ideas. And if anyone knows any crafty stores to check out...need the 411 on that too!!
  • Anyone in Austin next week and want to officially meet over a Cherry Limeade?? Let me know that too, possible, just need to figure out when I am traveling to the Alamo.
  • Have you seen Scrap In Style TV?? If not, check it out, Greta made me and now I am offically a SIS. If you are already a SIS, you can find me there...I'm spazzgirl.
  • Still working on the blog, but lovin' the 3 column layout. Totally Typade-esque without the price, love that! Got it free online.
  • Working on a Banner myself at the moment, but will probably enlist my buddy, April to use her mad digi skillz to make something way better than I ever could.
  • I have three product reviews, all half way done...Look at that adult ADD in action! So stay tuned for those.

For now, that is it.
But I do have more on my mind.
Still thinking about Lost the other night, anyone else?
And I need to make some graduation party invitations for my nephew and haven't found a great stamp for that yet either, any suggestions??
And if I take a 1MB card to Texas will that be enough?

Yep... cloud of nonsense this Friday...swirling....swirling...


Alyssa said...

Yes! I'm still thinking about LOST too. I neglected my kids and housework all day yesterday looking at lots of LOST theories on line. I'm a bad, bad mom. J/K

Nancywithajones said...

IM still thinking on lost I am gonna rewatch the episodes this weekend if i get a chance. I took bella to the donut store (krispy kreme) today so now im trying to do me stuff and she is SOOO NOT LIKIN IT gotta go do the kid thing grrr

Mimi said...

I haven't watched Season III of LOST yet, but I'm planning on getting the DVDs as soon as they are available.

I like the tri-column look.

Donna Baker said...

uhmmm...YEA I want to meet over a Cherry Limeade! Email me back from my email to you!!! I sent you an email about a freee concert on Weds - check out
What to do in Austin
There's a neat scrapbook store right by my work in S. Austin called Memory Depot - I go there at lunch a lot. Then there's Scraftbook too - not too far away where the owner is a sweet lady! Don't know too many up north because I'm a South Austinite.

gloria said...

wow, lucky you!! austin is a fun city!!

sorry i hadn't been commenting, for some reason your blog was shutting down my laptop!!

elizabeth said...

diggin' the new look!
nice and clean.

keep on rawkin'.
look at you getting all that stuff done.

Greta Adams said...

don't watch lost...never got into that one.