Wednesday, May 16

Blogger RAK

Just a couple great cards I got the past few days from some amazing women!
The first card is a gorgeous little number by Susan Liles. Her blog is called Susiestampalot and is a must see. You really have to check out her tiara card, now I want that stamp too.
The colors on this card are amazing and the textured background (probably cuttlebugged, if I was guessing) really completes the whole look.
Thanks Miss Susie, I love this card, and now want the stamps too!
This second card is truly from an amazing woman because not only did she send this card, not to me, but to little Max, but her timing couldn't have been better. It arrived yesterday after he found out he would have to stay home from school for two days.
Every other year in his school career he would dread school but this year, he dreads missing it. He has only missed school 3 whole days now and all because of strep (everytime!)
When he got this card it totally perked him up and made him smile because the thought of a nice girl in Canada knowing about him and his great grades just tickled him pink.
So run, don't walk over to Stephanie's blog, Steph's Stampin', Scrappin' and Stuff and please let her know just how wonderful this card it.
She used this stamp because of Max's ballroom dancing...isn't she clever.
Thank you a thousand times over, he even wanted to see what you looked like and where you live in Canada. (he thinks he has a fan)
Thank you ladies, just when I was losing faith in my fellow Blog Rakkers and Max was feelin down...Poof! Cards to make the world right again.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad Max got his card and it was my pleasure! I'm glad it came at a good time too. Always nice to lift someone's spirits!

Greta Adams said...

that is fabulous cards..

Crafty Connie said...

Two wonderful cards. Such talented ladies!