Monday, May 21

An Amusing Monday

I've got a bad case of the Mondays.
Could be because of this.
Or because a certain child was less than cooperative this morning.
Or that, unlike yesterday, today is glorious outside and I would rather be anywhere than in this office right now.
Or maybe it's just because it's Monday and Mondays suck.

Friday night I got busy with A muse stamps I borrowed from Carol and let me tell ya, when I tell people she owns everything, it is not an exaggeration. I asked her to bring all the A muse stamps she owned so I could play with them and there was a BOX of just A muse stamps.
So I got busy with those stamps all night, trying to crank out as many Amusing cards as I could. Usually Carol is the most generous person I know with her supplies and I am truly lucky to have such a giving friend. But sometimes, when she "finds" something in her stash for me, she realizes she owns it and hasn't used it in a while and wants to play too.
That was the way with these stamps.

So I made cards as fast as I could.
And then found out that our local Stamp Shop has ordered some A muse and they should be here this week!! Yay! I have this things about supported the local stores, it's just a thing.

So, until then, here is the first of my creations from Friday night.
I really shoulda made about 5 more of these because I am always late sending out birthday cards.
See that little bee, Tiny Bee, it is so super small..Insane. I totally messed up stamping the words on this card and had to fix it with a marker.
The wings are color in with a White Signo Gel pen and then I added some stickles for more shine.

I also bought a scalloped Giga Oval Punch this weekend and I am trying to get over punch guilt for buying it...I couldn't believe I actually spent that kinda money on a punch. Once I get over it, I might actually take it out of its packaging and use it...maybe.


Melissa said...

Fabulous card!!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi, i really like all your cards.. it's so personalized and sweet.. love the color combination.. great works!

Mimi said...

Wow! That's awesome. I think I have that stamp, actually...thinking....

Crafty Connie said...

Great card Simone!

blah said...

Cute card! Ummmmmm, how can Chi-town have the highest gas prices in the nation? I heard on the news last night it was San Francisco. I'm gonna update my blog and show something that I had to take a pic of yesterday because I know you've complained about gas prices.

Michele Kovack said...

This card is incredible! You did a great job with those tiny bees...cuz they are REALLY tiny!

Unknown said...

Wonderful card. I really need to get some Black paper. I don't have any (shocker :) ). I love the little bees. I actually just purchased my first set of bug stamps at wal mart a couple of weeks ago, have yet to use them. Maybe I will use them now that I have seen your cards and how lovely they are. :)

Greta Adams said...

i like to support local to but when you only have 1 and you damn near own all of what's in it....well got to resort to but hey i consider her
great card