Sunday, May 6

An A*musing Card

Well, it amuses me and uses A muse stamps...
Worked on the Weekly Challenge over at the Amuseapalooza blog finally. Had to buy a couple stamps first! Unfortunately there were only a few to pick from which made this challenge even more difficult.
I love this card because the fact that she is wearing a pink shirt and orange pants while popping a wheelie is completely hysterical to me.
I also love that the stamp is called Wheely Girl.
I was completely inspired for the colors for this card by a well known "store". Do you know which one??

EDITED: This card was completely inspired by the THREE Dunkin Donuts I pass on my way to work. I see that pink, orange and brown at least three times every morning and it finally sunk in! Paper was bought at Archivers, it is by Paper Fever. Although I bought it years ago.


Mary said...

Both of your cards are awesome. My daughter picked up the Wheely Girls stams for me at her local AC Moore. Tomorrow I will be going to her house so that I can pick it up. Add to visit with her too. :) Your first card looks difficult to make. I really like it. As for the question you asked about your second card I believe the answer is Micahels. :)


Crafty Connie said...

Is the paper from Archiver's?