Sunday, March 25

Thank You

Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions for my video tutorials. So many great ideas to choose from it was a hard choice.
I had hoped to post this sooner but it seems that some wicked little flu bug has made it's way into my house and now I am sicker than sick. Not even my trusty Vitamin Water has saved me. No worries though, sick or not, I made that video. Yes, I sound like Harvey Fierstein but the show must go on.
My first video will be ready soon after a little tweaking from my director/producer. And it is featuring, drumroll.....
A Shaker Card!

Very simple tutorial, I know, but many seemed to want to see it and who am I to deny the people. Also, I showed a cool trick for embossing using Classic(dye) ink! Yep, you heard me, embossing without Craft(pigment) ink.

So, the winners....
Katie (1st shaker card suggestion)
Allison (embossing)
Tara(I'm using your fab idea for the next one!)

Email me your addresses and there is a little something coming your way!

So here's a little thank you card for everyone using Seeing Spots. The card is 11.5 x 8.5 (scored at 5.5).
More videos in my future now that we kinda know what we are doing and I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Thanks again!


Allison Rankin said...

Great card...I will e-mail you my details...thanks muchly.

Greta Adams said...

love that card....

elizabeth said...

girl i can't wait to see these tutorials!

card is awesome as