Thursday, January 25

They Say It's My Birthday

Yes, it is my birthday.
Every year as I get older and older, I have come to kind of dread these years just flying by. Lucky for me I have great crafty friends that have made me the most fabulous birthday cards, ever. Just the thing to cheer up this old broad.

This first card is from my buddy Carol who is always making the most fabulous cards. She should, she has a scrapbook store in her own house! She runs an online ebay store, Craftfancy, that carries the latest and greatest supplies, which I am lucky enough to get to advise her about every summer at CHA. That way I am guaranteed to find the stuff I want. LOL

And I have to apologize for these pictures, Yuckola! These are in no way a good representation of the awesomeness of these cards.

This card is from my buddy, April. I was so touched because I haven't seen this girl actually craft something with real paper in ages. She is a digi-girl true and true, so this was a huge suprise. Sorry about the blur of the picture, but those rub on letters on the front are awesome looking but I hear not so awesome to work with.

Connie brought me this lovely card with a coordinating present. I swear if gift wrapping was an Olympic sport, she would take the gold every year. I feel bad opening things she wraps because they are so pretty. I, on the other hand, always wrap at the last minute and not very well.

My blogging pal, Mimi, was so kind to send this card all the way from Washington and I can't say thanks enough. It is beautiful and I was so tickled that you remembered me, I don't think 1/2 of my siblings will even remember to call me today. Ever, know someone you've never met and just think that they are super...That is exactly what I think of Miss Mimi.
This last card is not a Bday card, but a Thank You card from Carol's neice. She comes to my kids stamp classes and made me a card to thank me, how cute is that?! On the inside it said, "Thank you for teaching me art"
The cutest!!
Carol can talk bad about this little girl til the cows come home, but she will always be a little angel to me.

No big birthday plans, which is always good with me. My mom is coming over tonight to make me my favorite childhood meal, Italian Meatloaf. I don't think I have had this since I was 17, so that was a loooonnnnggg time ago. I looked for a recipe online, but couldn't find one, all I know is that it is in the old Betty Crocker Cookbook, the one with the red plaid cover. I am not a meatloaf fan at all, but this is really like a lasagna without the noodles. Perfect for that low-carb diet plan! It has a meatloaf layer made with tomato paste and seasonings and then a cheese layer, like the cheese filling of lasagna and then meat again. Yummy! Just getting someone to cook me dinner is a huge treat.
So, I am definitely older, or so I am starting to feel older, but not much wiser than I was at 30. And I am having a sort of mid-life re-evaluation. I wouldn't call it a crisis, just a check up. There was so much I wanted to do before I got this old and I need to get back on track and just do it.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

So much better than Max this morning, "Happy birthday mom, man, you're old now."


Mimi said...

Happy, happy Birthday my friend! Ever, know someone you've never met and just think that they are super.. I'm so touched, and feel the same way about you. That card was a lift from the fabulous Janelle.

And, great cards!

Enjoy your day!

Crafty Connie said...

We need to go out and have a cocktail to celebrate our January birthdays.
Enjoy your special dinner!

gloria said...

yeah, my kids take every opportunity to tel lme how *old* i am.


happy birthday- may all your wishes come true!!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday from another January birthday girl! Hope you have a great day

Alyssa said...

Happy, Happy birthday!!! You are lucky to have so many crafty friends!

Greta Adams said...

happy birthday sista....i didn't send a card cause i am good like that but i sure the hell sent a gift....that's what's important right? or is that just me? bwhahahahahahahaha

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Happy Birthday Simone! I wish I had known sooner so I could get a card out to you in time! Those cards are all great, you're so loved!

SuburbanMom said...

Happy Birthday!
Those are amazing cards.

Molly Newman said...

Beautiful cards--and happy birthday! (Got here via Mimi's blog, and have since shared the link with some Stampin' Up friends. Nice card, Mimi!)

elizabeth said...

beeeee-you-tiful cards!

have ya used those markers yet?