Tuesday, January 23

CHA Sneak Peeks

I was telling the girls Friday that I had seen some of the CHA releases online last week and of course everyone else wanted to see them as well, so I thought I would give y'all the link up!
Plus, the computer has a broken fan and thank heavens I didn't burn down my apartment because there was definitely a burnt smell going on in the place on Sunday! Just my luck and another thing to fix....UGH!!

So, for now, here are some peaks at great projects and great products!

  • Art Warehouse Fresh line - This little flower pot combo is too cute!
  • These papers from Dream Street caught my eye.
  • Around the Block has diecut ribbon, which doesn't intrigue me but their Uber Luxe Paper Line is pretty cool.
  • Does anyone remember those little fortune telling folded paper we used to make in grade school? Pick a color. Pick a number. Well, appartently they're called Cootie Catchers (news to me) and Prima has a line of them. Why?? They aren't hard to make, in fact I still remember how.
  • Everyone has paper with a bird on it....Basic Grey...Urban Lily...Scenic Route. Way too over done!!
  • Maya Road has the cutest little bags to alter.
  • This new type of "ribbon" from Queen and Co. is definitely unique.
  • Brackets...Very Hot!
  • I need this like a hole in the head, but yet, I want it.
  • Now this looks very intriguing...Cuts the paper all by itself???
  • More Chipboard products.

That's about all for now, but here are a few new Projects with New Products that caught my eye!

That's about it. I have to say there is a ton of new stuff I really don't like very much and so much stuff that all kinda looks the same. So many Basic Grey look alikes and MME copycats, blah! I did see some of the make-n-takes and there are a few that are fabulous, so I am sad I couldn't go, but I hear it was quite pricey to stay in Anaheim, so I will wait til CHA comes to me in July!!
What is everyone else psyched about


Greta Adams said...

i like the paper cutting thingy...i am a sucker for gadgets....

i did liek that cool looking ribbon...that was interesting

Mimi said...

OOoooh, I am with you - that ribbon looks awesome.

I like a lot of the paper styles, eeek.

Crafty Connie said...

Love, love, love the diecut ribbons. Just what I need to fill my new ribbon holder. The felt ribbons would look great over fabric on a headband.

I am intrigued with the paper cutter machine. That just might make it into my craft room.

Alyssa said...

I am in trouble! Love the diecut ribbon and that paper binder gadget...just another girly tool for my "hobby" (obsession!)

elizabeth said...

oh i didn't even look at all the links b/c i feel my wallet emptying all ready!!!