Tuesday, December 19

Christmas is Coming!

I started my shopping at 1pm Saturday.
I think I am done.
Yes! 19 people on the list, gotta check it twice but I think I got everybody.
Although, now that I say that, I just get a coupon for something on Max's list. One more trip to Toys 'R Us?? Am I a sadist?
What's great about waiting til the last minute is that you are so eager to get it done that you make more comprimises. Your sister wanted a red cardigan, oh well, she's getting blue. Your brother wanted a particular book, now he's getting a bookstore gift card. Amazing how much easier it is. And with gift receipts on everything, it is foolproof.

I have to say that this holiday really brings out the worst in people.
I had at least 4 extremely rude sales people over the past 4 days and for no good reason.
I had at least 5 people push or hit me with their bags.
And I saw at least a dozen whining, crying children and at least that many demanding what they wanted. For everyone one of those bad behaving children was a parent using the "santa's watching" threat. Didn't seem to be working very well.

Max also bought me something very special from the jewlery counter at Target. He is so excited about giving it to me he has tried to tell me about it or give it to me every day since he bought it. I think what excited him the most is that he spent his own money he has been saving. There was talk last week that he wanted to buy me a diamond ring so people would think I was married. I asked why I would I want people to think I was married.
"So men will leave you alone."
What men? Where? There are men bothering me? No, seriously, what men?

I've gotten "diamonds" the past 3 years and I suspect that will be under my tree again. He likes to buy them big and gawdy, and like a good mom, I will be wearing them to Chrismas dinner blinding my whole family.

Christmas will start on Saturday for us and continue right on through Tuesday. Nothing like 4 whole days of the stuff. It seems to get longer and longer every year.
I got my Xmas cards done, now all I have is the wrapping, finish a scrapbook, making treats for Max's class and making his birthday invitations.
Oh and Chrismas cookies...Ok, I'm exhausted now just thinking about it.


Crafty Connie said...

It's amazing that despite all of the things that you managed to mark off your list, more items are still there. My list just keeps getting longer and longer. Love the fact that Max wants you to have diamonds. He will make some nice girl very happy in the future.

Mimi said...

My brother was that way, he liked to buy jewels for my mom and for his sisters. Too cute!

Good shopping, you!

SuburbanMom said...

I'm almost done with my shopping - hopefully will finish tomorrow! :)

oh, and total bummer about being whacked by people's bags. Some people are so rude.

gloria said...


yeah, i don't think boy ones like it much when guys "talk" to thier moms.