Thursday, October 19

Seinfeld Moment

Do ya ever have a moment in life when you could swear that it could be on a Seinfeld episode?
I have this feeling quite often actually but usually it is something I see or hear that is Seinfeldesque. This new relationship with my neighbor could seriously make up a whole episode! It makes me feel like I am going nuts.
Let me explain...
You see one neighbor introduced me to another so that we could carpool our kids, saving me from leaving work even earlier and losing pay. It really seemed like a win-win situation for both of us, but I really think I am being helped the most. This other mom, let's call her Gladys, just because I never hear Gladys these days, is a stay at home mom of 2 kids. Her oldest boy is in 4th grade and a kindergartener who only goes to school in the afternoon. So before we began our carpool scheme she was driving back and forth from the school 6 times a day. With our carpool plan, I pick up her 4th grader in the morning and she picks up all three kids in the afternoon. My Max goes home by himself and I get home about 20-30 minutes later. It seems to be working great.
Well, the morning after the carpool plan was devised which was sealed with an awkward hug (but that's a completely other Seinfeld story), she sent her son with a card and bouquet of flowers from her garden for me. In the card she profusely thanked me for driving the boy. It was nice. I thought a bit over the top, but nice. And I couldn't help but think, "Lady, you're helping me."
Since then, I have seen her a couple times in passing and then we chatted a little bit at the PTA meeting.
Well, Monday morning her son gets in the car and says, "I won't be at school tomorrow, here's a note." In the note it explained that her and her husband had to go to court as witnesses of an accident and that they were taking the kids out of school because of it. Weird? Ok, so I thought that it was odd. But the weirder part was at the end of the note.
PS. Hope you liked the flowers.
She sent me those flowers 6 weeks ago. When I saw her at the PTA thing, it had been a month since the flowers and I completely forgot about them. So, I never gave her a thank you for her thank you. Is that what she was expecting? When would the thank yous end then?
Max has a 1/2 day today and we worked it out so that his dad will pick him up and watch him til I get home. He mentioned the idea to Gladys yesterday on the way home. I was going to call her, but the second I got home we left for a hair appointment and then errands. We got home at 8:25p, Gladys called at 8:27p.

"Just a reminder tomorrow is a half day"
"Yep, I know, I was going to call you, Max's dad will pick him up tomorrow"
"Oh. Well, it would have been nice to know that."
"Well, we left right when I got home and literally just got home."
"Oh. Well, fine then."

She still has to pick up her two kids today. What was the big deal?
Something tells me, this is all about those damn flowers. Now, do I send her a damn thank you for her thank you? Or just follow my original thought....Whatever!
Can't piss off the afternoon carpool lady but, come on Gladys. Seriously.

Is this not Seinfeldesque?


Mimi said...


Second time Seinfeld has come up this morning. Oddd.

elizabeth said...

hmmm....i don't know how to answer

i think it was sweet that she sent you flowers as a thank you. i mean after all she is a stay at home mom so she has time for all that shit. if it was me, i prolly would have thought about calling to tell her that was nice but she didn't have to do that.

but i probably would have forgot to do it.

it sounds to me like this girl would like for the two of you to become friends and maybe she thought that was the gesture that would start a friendship. who knows.

i for one wouldn't be comfortable with all that huggin' nonsense. esp. since you aren't really friends and even

and yes, its seinfeld-esque. kinda like the close-talker episode. that wack-a-doo practically fell in love with jerry's parents for

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...


Greta Adams said...

good grief...i wouldn't send her a thank you for sending you something...taht's just me though