Friday, October 20

Going Postal!

I seriously am in more ways than one!!
All swaps are going postal today as soon as I get my butt out of here. Promise, no fingers crossed or anything. I was going to take them yesterday but couldn't find packing tape to save my life. I am adding that to the list of things I have lost after the move, right below my mind.
One box will make it's way to Washington for Miss Mimi filled with tons of goodies from CHA which was like a year ago, sorry Mimi. Plus, there is a book in there for Cedric. I bought it for Max because the lady at Barnes and Noble told me all the kids were coming in looking for it because it was so good and the boy refused to even try to read it. Then, being me, I didn't return it in the alloted time. So it is being re-gifted because it is new. Hope he likes it.
Another box is going to Greta and Elizabeth in Mississippi, pray it gets there faster than the Cricket did! There is a ton of stuff in this little box, it is way heavy. Most of it is for you, Greta, all kinds of cool business stuff and ideas, along with a 50 page training manual designed by yours truly. Also, there are books in your box as well for all the kiddos. The pirate one is intended for Mikey but other than that, decide what your kids like best and please pass them on. I wanted to make up cute cards and stuff...but that just didn't happen. Max also wanted Mikey to get the Pokemon book, he thought Mikey would want it to be just like him...LOL.
Besides mail, I think I have lost my mind.
All this craziness has finally taken its toll.
I saw Justin Timberlake on a Letterman rerun last night singing Sexy Back and I liked it. See, I've lost it.

Ok, gotta finish my work and then let my boss know that I will be leaving early today because I've got 7 people coming tonight for Scrap night and my house isn't even remotely clean, Plus, I have a craft fair tomorrow and I haven't finished projects for that either!

Next week:
Pictures from the Craft Fair
NEW SWAP (don't worry not due til 2007)
I am sending a damn Halloween treat to crazy Gladys (still think it is stupid)
More projects!! (yes, there is more)

Have a lovely weekend, whatcha got planned???


Mimi said...

I'm so excited, thank you, and touched.

I look forward to my package!

Greta Adams said...

yes...yes...yes...i will be receiving goodies.....woot woot!

gloria said...

hubby is living at the base this weekend, so i am single mommy.
can we say

elizabeth said...

mikey is going to love the books!! thanks so much max for thinking of my lil bug!

hey, you should have received and envelope from me...did it come yet?