Sunday, October 22

Craft Fair #1

I survived #1, only 2 more left this year.
This craft fair was way slow, not many people at all. I may have seen 100 paying customers the whole day. I actually think there were more vendor people than actual customers.
According to their information provided on Craftlister, they had a way higher attendance last year so either way less people came this year or they lied. Because it was at a church, I opt to believe they miscaluculated.
I walked away ahead but really barely sold anything. I always say going into these things, as long as I make back the money I spent on the table, I'm happy. So, I was happy. Plus, I gave away my business cards to every person that came along, although it was not many. And the day was really a pleasant day sitting around gabbing with my friend Connie, who I rarely see these days because of her school schedule, so that was really payment enough. As a bonus, Connie showed me how to crochet and has promised to help me learn to actual sew something, a real project not just paper. I should have gotten that in writing.
Connie did pretty well with her handmade cards, so for my craft show without her, I am going to make up just a few packs and see how it goes. Worst case, I have cards. I am also making more onesies and burpee cloths for the next one, I am convinced these will sell, it was just not the right crowd and not enough people. (I only sold one)
I posted just a few photos from the Craft Show HERE. Hope it helps all you girls looking for ideas for gifts and your upcoming gigs!


Anonymous said...
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Greta Adams said...

aww that know if you have a wal-mart they have there onsies' 5 pack for 5.00 right now instead of 9.98

gloria said...

i thought the onsies were CUTE.

at least you got some networking done, right?? that's half the battle right there!