Monday, October 9

Quick Post

I am alive. I know I haven't posted in a while, but man, I am busy!
I have been working like a mad woman to get all my classes planned and samples made for classes this month as well as through the rest of the year. With actual projects in hand, I am hoping people find more time to come to a class. I have 8 things on the calendar this month and 11 next month, I have overbooked in hopes of having tons of business. It made sense in my head last week, now it isn't sounding so sane.
Also, I have several craft shows coming up and I am trying like mad to make some projects and get ready. One of the shows is the 21st and I am trying to make some cute Halloween projects but not too many as the other two shows I am working are after Halloween.
School has been going smoothly so far. We get a lot more homework than our last school and with Max trying to learn to write in cursive, (we came from a school that didn't believe in the necessity of cursive) it has been tons of at home learning time. It really cuts into my crafting time!
It's a good thing that I don't have cable TV (I can hear all the jaws dropping from here) because I wouldn't have time to watch anything anyways. I have been keeping up with the Grey's Anatomy, although I really wish they would get back to more patients. And I caught the season premiere of Lost last week...soooo good!! It is really starting to frustrate poor little Max though, he is way too deep a thinker for that show. And I love love love The Office, by far the best show on television right now! And I could not be happier that What About Brian has come back. I thought it was gone for good, but it is back. YAY! I loved this show, suprisingly. If you haven't seen it, season premiere, tonight!

The Swaps are almost ready to go out. I am waiting for the 2 packages from Mississippi that went out last week and one package to make its way over to my house.
Monthly newsletter went out, I know there are a couple people that didn't get it, I always screw that up. I am sending you a copy this afternoon and fixing the outlook.
I have some posts of projects at home, if blogger decides to cooperate later. Until then, check out these awesome simply wonderful cards I found online. Why can't my simple cards look this amazing?


Mimi said...

Sounds good busy

elizabeth said...

was soooo glad that what about brian is back. i was so hooked when it was on at the beginning of the year.

and yes, the pkg. went out and you should have it today or tomorrow.

i know, i'm such a slacker.