Friday, September 29

Not a Fan of the "Nicey Nice"

Max brought home a flyer for the Boys Scouts yesterday. He had it in his jacket pocket which I thought was odd compared to being in his folder like all other things that come from school, so I figured perhaps it was something he was interested in.
I never signed him up for the scouts because they were so dad-emphasized and I didn't know how that would work with scheduling and all plus he never really showed any interest after he found out about their activities. But, when I saw the paper, I figured maybe it was a good way to meet new kids in the hood.

Me: So, do you want to join Boy Scouts this year? Sign ups are tomorrow night.
Max: Do you think I should?
Me: I think it could be fun and maybe you will make new friends.
Max: I was thinking that, but they are way too much nicey nice.
Me: What?
Max: Nicey Nice, you know singing and stuff...Nicey Nice.
Me: They do other things besides singing.
Max: Yep, and it is mostly Nicey Nice, I'm not a fan of the Nicey Nice.
Me: It's not like I asked you to join the church choir.
Max: Oh, don't even think about that, I'm not a fan of the churchy church either.

If I hadn't been laughing so hard, I would've tried to make a better case for the scouts, but he knows what he's a fan of and apparently it isn't scouts or the chuch choir. I have added "I'm not a fan" onto the list of things I need to stop saying, right under "Oh Crap!".


Mimi said...


gloria said...


I love it!!

My BFF has mentioned that her daughter's new thing is, "Oh, homework, I'm allergic!!"

CLever kids.

I'm with your son. Not a fan of the Nicey-nice.

Greta Adams said...

girl....max is too much...that is funny ass shit!!!greta615

elizabeth said...

lol...we were going to sign mikey up for cub scouts, but due to the moving and shit, we decided there was too much going on right now.

i do plan on putting him in it next year. i'll let max know if its too nicey-nice.