Saturday, April 29

My Stampin' News!

Ok, so entice my stampers to come here and see what all the commotion is about, I promised a few things and I am delivering on those promises:

Number #1: My Review of the Upcoming Summer Mini Catalog

To peak your curiosity, I thought I would give you my opinions and thoughts on the new catalog that should be making its way to my stamper's mailboxes mid-May. Now, keep in mind that the opinions of me are just that...mine! Everyone has there own personal style/favorites and this is a review of what I think, just me. You can all make up your own minds when you get the catalog in your hot little hands.

  • Bud Basics (set of 6): This is a two-step stamp set and very nice I might add. There are also 2 jumbo wheels that coordinate with it.
  • Sheltering Tree (set of 9): In this set there is a stamp of a bare tree (trunk and branches) and you can add the leaves. There is also small hearts or a flower that can be added as well as flower stems that can also be built upon with the flowers and hearts. The phrase with it says, "friendship is a sheltering tree". Not my favorite, but cute.
  • More Double-sided Designer Paper: This is a totally different set than in the Spring mini but just as great! There is only one set instead of two but the colors are, blue, brown. These are a must in my book!
  • The Wheel Things (set of 4): This set includes a grocery cart, wheelbarrel, wagon and scooter. They are solid stamps and any other small stamp can be "loaded" into these things to make them pretty versatile. I like that they aren't too pretty and can be used for manly projects.
  • Cowboy Kid (set of 6): If you like sickening cuteness, this is the set you will fall in love with. There is a little cowboy, a cactus, horseshoe and a paisely stamp in this set. Sure he is cute but it is not my thing.
  • Laundry Notes (set of 7): Picture articles of clothing with funny little sayings. Example: A pair of tube socks with the saying "we're a perfect match" or a pair of nylons with "we'll always be tight". Would be cute to make a whole set of cards with these, but I think I will pass.
  • Spunky Alphabets and Numbers: This is a new alphabet font and it is solid and is just as it suggests...spunky. Adding to the spunkiness is that it is all lowercase which makes it a great price and large enough for scrapbook pages!
  • Polka Dot Posies (set of 8): This is another Two-step flower set with big flowers and seperate centers. I like that the center pieces can be used seperately to make some pretty cool backgrounds, or at least that is what I am envisioning. There is also a stamp with friend sayings which is not too cheesy. This is the set I picked for an upcoming swap, so expect to see this one in some upcoming classes.
  • Shore Thing (set of 8): This is a total beach summer set. Includes a beach chair, sun, sand pail and cute little crab. This set screams warm weather! There is also a wheel with flip flops that would coordinate.
  • Edgy Eloquence (set of 6): This is an all word set, sayings. They are not "holiday-specific" if that makes sense. Example, "Whatever you are be a good one. -Abraham Lincoln". Also the font is mixed with upper and lower cases.
  • By Sea (set of 7): This set includes a little ship, submarine, fishy and sailboat. There is a fishy wheel that coordinates as well. It is cute, very kid-like.
  • Clowning Around (set of 6): Ahhh...Clowns!! Run for your life!! To me clowns are just scary, but if you like clowns, I guess these guys are cute. I guess.
  • Pattern of Friendship (set of 4): This is a sewing/friendship themed set. Includes a 1950s pattern with ladies and a row of dresses. It is very retro.
  • Wish You Were Here (set of 6): This set is for all your travel scrapbook pages. It includes a luggage tag, plane and camera.
  • Nature Prints (set of 4): This is a sketched set that includes a shell, fish and turtle. As much as I love turtles, this is not a must-have.

That's about it for the Summer Mini. I think the hottest for summer will be the Bud Basics, Pola Dot Posies, that Great Paper and Edgy Eloquence, but that is just a speculation. What I love is that with the new mini coming it means that warmer weather is on its way as well....YAY!

Number #2: My May Special 'o The Month

My special this month is in celebration of National Scrapbooking Month!
Anyone who mentions this blog will receive 20% off any one Scrapbooking supply, this includes Albums, any stamp set, marker for journaling, Simply Scrappin' kits, ink pads, ribbon....ANYTHING you plan on using during this special Scrapbooking holiday! Just remember to mention this blog for the special!!
It is also posted at the right --------------------->
I take National Scrapbooking Day so seriously, I always take the day off that is dedication!

Number #3: Clean Sweep Days!!!!

One more plug about this because I really need your help! I have waaaaayyyyy too much stuff and need to thin out my stash before I move, there is no way Alex will let me take all this stuff. Plus, I have an's called shopoholism, it really only affects me in scrapbook/stamping situations but it is still an illness that I need to get under control.

So, come on over Friday, May 12 (5:30 - 11:30p) or Saturday, May 13th (12 - 4p) and get yourself a huge bargain. I have a ton of great stuff to get rid of and I am ready for your haggling! There is even some stuff that is just being given away! I am sure my pile will grow after I spend NSD at the Scrapbook Expo and traveling to new stores with Carol....I better add to my give away pile to make room for it. Don't you have room in your heart for some unwanted scrapbooking supplies? lol

That's about it for now on the SU! front. Don't forget, you can always check my website to find out about upcoming classes and specials and don't be a stranger, leave a comment so I know someone is out this thing on???? Don't forget my entire Calendar as well as an online Catalog is available on my!


gloria said...

Sounds like you have the same *sickness* I do...LOL

Love SU! They are so great for a military spouse like me...since I have a very limited amount of people I can sell to, I am not required to make minimums until I move back home!

How cool is *that*?!

Mimi said...

I did not know you sold SU. How did I not know that?