Tuesday, May 2

I almost forgot about Donny!

I got an email from one of my cousins yesterday that I almost never talk to or see, getting older makes everyone way to busy these days. It was one of those emails that you know is something corny or mushy sweet that is always forwarded to you and I never open. Well, it caught my attention because it said, 70s child in the title and I figured it must be something good that she acutally sent me an email this year.

The email was the typical, you know you are a child of the 70s if.... But, what I loved about it and suspect why I got it, is because the pictures were like a flashback to my childhood. Images and feelings, I think I forgot about.

I was scrolling through the pictures, kinda reading the email, laughing to myself and then I saw this picture of my Donny Osmond doll...I screamed. I haven't seen a picture of this little guy or thought about him in a long time. I swear I felt like I was 8 years old again.

When I was little I loved the Donny and Marie Show. I also loved Lawrence Welk, what does that say? Well, my grandparents bought me this Donny doll for one of my birthdays or maybe Christmas, I can't even remember. They didn't buy Marie, only Donny. Well, at the time I already had Barbies and one Ken. I used to make up elaborate stories for them and I think even as a child they were a bit racey because there was only one Ken. But then, along came Donny with his flashy jumpsuit and microphone. Boy did they love him. He was also a little bit smaller than Ken, so he was always in that jumpsuit, but he could pull it off.

While I was looking at the pictures of things I haven't even seen in years as well as Donny, I felt this overwhelming feeling of what it was like back then. Like a flashback to a younger me. I instantly thought about my grandparents because most of the things (bike, rollerskates, Donny) in the email I had because they bought them for me. And because I remember them and what it felt like when they were around with their unconditional love. It reminded me how much I miss them and miss the simpler times as a child. Miss playing Barbies or dancing to The Lawrence Welk Show for my grandparents. I tried to remember what Jean Nate bath splash smells like and that I would give anything to spin out on my Big Wheels one more time.

I think this is one of the bigest reasons that I love pictures and scrapbooking. When I look at a picture I can actually feel it. Feel the moment. Almost relive it for a brief moment. Or sometimes realize things you never saw before.

After Donny, my grandparents also gave me this Farrah Faucet doll and just like the Donny she was oddly sized and couldn't share clothes with Barbie so she was always wearing the white jumpsuit. I will have to find my pictures of me and Farrah for a scrapbook page. This once again reminds me that I need more 'me' in my books.


Anonymous said...

you know, i bet if i dug around my parents house, i could find my donnie and marie dolls as well as my old farrah faucett and cher dolls!!!! (i used to have the sonny and cher dolls!)
oh, and the six million dollar man. i had him too!

gloria said...



I guess I came to the game a little late...

Anonymous said...

Donny,i have always loved you so much!! Wvery time,i see a picture of you. My heart just becomes in a deeper love. I wish,i was your wife!!