Tuesday, April 25

My New Photo Face

Everyone does this at some point. They make the same goofy smile or face when someone approaches with a camera. I used to only use the signature giganto-smile, but it looks like I have changed my look recently because almost every picture of me on this day at the Cubs game clearly represents me with the same look. I have only posted one of the 4 pictures of me in this fashion, it's at the end.
Hopefully seeing it here for everyone to mock, will make me close my damn mouth when a camera comes near next time.

Me and Max on the good 'ol CTA on our way to Wrigley

The chick Max picked up in the bleachers at Wrigley

Max...a little better shot of the rapidly outgrowing mohawk.

And my totally new unflattering photo face!(and have you ever seen a whiter Mexican chick?)
I seriously don't know what made me open my mouth this wide...perhaps I thought it was flattering to make myself appear to have 7 chins!
This photo screams - Open Mouth, Insert Foot!


Just Me said...

oh girl, i love these!!!

Greta Adams said...

first i must say I love the 7 chin pic...it's fabulous...and the rest of them are too...that max is a cutie

Mimi said...

GREAT photos! You look like you are having such a wonderful time.

Who won?

gloria said...


LOVE those pics!! Looks like a HECKuva lot of fun...

and yes, I have seen a whiter Mexican chick.

Everythime I look in the mirror.