Wednesday, April 26

Could this font BE any smaller???

Yes, I fiddled with it.
I couldn't resist.
Now, everything is micro....HELP!! I tried to play with it to fix it, but I kept making matters worse! It reminds me of cutting my sister's bangs when I was 10, eventually there were none.
I know some of you gals who glance here are blog pros (Greta, Wendi....I'm looking in your general direction), so please give me a clue....drawings may be necessary. Until then, I cannot touch the template, although I still think if I mess with it enough I might figure it out or take down the entire thing. Ugh!

It seems that in all the blogging I do, I have never mentioned an enormous piece of my life in any of the posts. Sure it is hinted at or suggested, but never really brought up. I think the reason I haven't talked or bragged about said person is two fold (and I hope he understands this is in no way an excuse or way out):

  1. I have always had a journal or diary of some sort and usually in typical me-fashion, it is mostly whining, complaining, and generally negative. Well this said person cursed me out in 1994 for a journal he read and I don't think I ever forgot it. So call me gun shy.
  2. Also, I try not to post pictures of people without their permission and didn't even know if speaking said name out loud on a website would be frowned upon. Kinda like a Harry Potter moment.

Everyone close to me, friends and family, know that I am crazy in love right now and probably the happiest I have been in years. In fact, I think most people get sick of hearing about it all the time because I can't brag enough. I think Carol will hurl if she hears one more story of how lucky I am.
But just in case anyone hasn't heard.......

Ten Reasons Why I Love This Guy!

  1. He loves me exactly as I am and doesn't try to change any of it.
  2. He is a guy who would pull over at any Scrapbook store at any time just cause he knows paper makes me so happy and he loves a happy me.
  3. He compliments me almost every day! (even on those days I know I look like shit)
  4. When I am thinking the most twisted, wicked thought about something....usually he is thinking it too. We are evil together.
  5. We are the best of friends.
  6. He is so supportive and encouraging about all my endeavors, even when I am not.
  7. He keeps me in check when I need it and just lets me go wacky when I need it as well.
  8. This is a guy that appreciates my crafts. Can you believe it?!?! He actually totally gets scrapbooking...How lucky am I?
  9. He goes out sometimes, just because, and buys me clothes. I am not a person to spend money on myself at all and he thinks that needs to change. There is nothing like a guy that knows your sizes.
  10. He is teaching Max how to be a gentelman and always treat a lady with respect.

So for the record, I love Alex more than anything, even scrapbooking. He makes me so happy and when I am with him....and I am still myself, only happier. (make sense?) There is nothing I love more than to spend time with my men and I can't imagine anyone being able to deal with me better than him!

Now, you are officially in the blog and there is no going back. Plus, there is no guarantee that everything written will be pleasant. Just a forewarning, you know I like to gripe about crap.
Love you!

Now back to the font problem...where is that number I changed again????


Just Me said...

uhhhh...i don't see anything wrong with the font!! looks good to me...

Greta Adams said...

your font is fine's normal size...good for you that you are in love...that's wonderful when that happens

Mimi said...

Font problem looks fixed.

Simone, I'm so happy for you! Whohooooo! Alex sounds great! Many years to you both.