Monday, March 13

Thanks y'all

Back from, was it hot there.
When I left Chicago Thursday, it was a steaming 40 degrees and when I got to Austin it was 80! What a difference.
Cool place.
Nice people.
Way different than I thought.
Had a Sonic Cherry-Limeade.
Went to Stubb's for BBQ.
Started an Austin scrapbook on the plane. (no scissors, of course)
No one said y'all or Yee haw...damn.

Saw tons of bumper stickers.
Totally miss my men, they come home today from Florida.
Went to a Scrapbook store and wow, was it different.
Heard some good music.
Heard some crappy music.
Overall, had a great time.
More details to follow and photos of my Austin scrapbook.
Back to work...


Greta Adams said...

well if you didn't hear ya'll something is wrong cause that's a must here in the south...we all say ya'll

Mimi said...

Twice as hot, that's cool! You are such an awesome scrapper - already working on the album! You rock. (or is that y'all rock?)

Just Me said...

you must have been in the wrong austin of nobody said y'all