Monday, February 27

Chatterbox has warped my brain

All I can think is Chatterbox right now as I am in Crunch Time with this damn book. Yes, I am still working on it and yes, it has to be in the mail tomorrow. Yikes!
So, I completely forgot that in honor of Theodore Gisel's (Dr. Seuss) birthday, I am the guest reader for Max's class on Wednesday morning. I have to read to his 4th grade class and don't have a clue what to pick!
What can I read to 4th graders that is not babyish and would rank me up there with the world's greatest parent??
What do 4th graders like?
What's a book?
See... can't think clearly, only thinking Meaningful Albums.
So, PLEASE, pretty pretty please, if you are reading this, please Comment, don't be shy, give me a suggestion. Anything. A book that can be read aloud that is not meant for a 5 year old.
The pressure is on because as I looked at the reminder slip on the fridge this morning to exclaim, "Oh Crap!, that's this Wednesday?"
Max said, "Don't worry mom, you're the best reader and always pick something cool."
Crap...double crap!

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Mimi said...

Um, I'm not sure, I have a fourth grader myself. Maybe "Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?"

I'm not sure though. You could of course go with a Seuss book - "Yurtle the Turtle" or "The Lorax".