Monday, January 16

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good: I went on a pre-birthday shopping spree this weekend.
The Bad: My sister was supposed to go with the tell me what to where (I can't dress myself)
The Ugly: I had to wait in line for 20 minutes at one store and listen to three teen girls complain that their daddies didn't give them enough money.

The Good: I set up a time to scrap with my girl Carol and my friend Connie.
The Bad: Miss Carol cancelled at the last minute.
The Ugly: I covered my hands in passion pink ink and they have stayed that way.

The Good: I planned to leave early today because of the lack of school and all.
The Bad: I went into work and it was freeeezing because someone turned the heat down.
The Ugly: The boss waited til the last minute to bring in photos I needed to finish a report and I only left 45 minutes earlier than usual.

The Good: My birthday is coming.
The Bad: Everyone asks me, "what are WE doing for your birthday?"
The Ugly: I don't want it to be my birthday because I just can't be this old yet!!

Nothing new really, working on a ton of projects. Made a planner for the purse, made about 15 cards for a swap. Planned the workshop for the end of the month. (thanks for the input on the cards) And made a cute little lovie tag mini book, but I can't post it because it is so cute it makes me gag.

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