Friday, January 13

Big Fat Meanies

Just clicked on MSN homepage and see an article about 'Meanest' Cities to the Homeless. Click. Guess who's #12!! So, not just fat, but mean too!! Nice!
I have decided that maybe while I am out and about this weekend, I will give congratualatory high fives to all the citizens of this fine city who have helped us find a place on these charts. So, extremely obese guy in the Subway eating two 12 inch BMTs, you're getting a high five. And big fat mean guy screaming just to scream at that high school student earning $6 a hour at the mall, you're getting a double high five. Without these people we probably wouldn't be the tops. Way to be a part of the team!


Just Me said...

girl!! houston beat you out!! and i even think we got fattest city in the country once!!! i think it also said we had more doghnut stores per capita than any other city!! lemme go show some houston pride now and get a doghnut!

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Greta Adams said...

I am so rolling at you. ^5 to all the chicagoian' that right or is it something else?