Tuesday, January 10

Card Kwazy

I have made nothing but cards for the last 2 months and at this rate, I don't know if I will be able to switch back!! Yikes! I love the cards because they are smaller, take less time and less supplies....but I am a scrapper more than a.....???? Is there a term for a person who makes cards, like people who scrapbook are scrappers or scrapbookers? If there is, I don't know it, but probably should.
Because this form is not my strongest of the paper arts, I am constantly on the look out for fab ideas that are simple, but totally cool. I look at Splitcoaststampers almost every day and man, there are some uber talented ladies on that site! Plus, I use my Card Creation and Joy of Card Making books like they are the bible of card creating. I had no idea there were new ones. Note to self, add these to the long list of books I want. I am usually preparing for a swap of some kind and always need ideas for Workshops, so these are the latest.

It has come to my attention that I am obsessed with the colour brown and as of right now have used every piece of 8.5 x 11 brown paper I had. No need to worry, more is on its way. The background is stamped with little coffee mugs in the same dark brown goodness, but this crappy scanner was sent from hell to make any project look like garbage.

Made this cards and thought I was sooooo creative...then, duh!!, I should have blocked out that one lady bug instead of just not coloring it! The little black piece says i miss you.
These cards might be too simple
and not enough Wow! factor, so I may need to rework the details. I do love the colours though, reminds me that spring is on its way and I may actually see the sun again one of these days.
This top card is soooo not my style, but simple and it is green. I love green. Plus, it has that spring theme going, so I think this one is a definite at the next workshop. And again, in celebration of the lovely brown, another brown card.

I had to post these because I haven't seen my buddy Carol in a while and she is always my little helper for all these projects. She is the only person I know who would actually look at something I made and tell me if it is crap or not. Sometimes I know things suck and people still look at it and say to me "wow, this is just wonderful" and I know it isn't. She is a girl that tells it like it is and I love that!! I need that. It is good to have a blunt friend who is also crafty! (I am awaiting your email)
(PS. I have taken a liking to saying the word kwazy and it is driving a certain child at my house insane, which just makes me do it more. Who is the child again?)


Greta Adams said...

I love the cards just the way they are. I am a simple scrapper. I can't take all that time to do all that fancy smancy stuff...

Mimi said...

These are so great! I love "Joy of Cardmaking" myself - am looking forward to the new one!