Tuesday, September 27

This Week's Meme

As posted on 2peas:
This week [Sept 26th] we are going silly and talking about our quirks.
Things about us that are abnormal, bizarre, crazy, curious, far out, flaky, fly ball, freakish, funky, funny, geeky, kooky, nutty, odd, oddball, off-center, offbeat, outlandish, peculiar, strange, uncommon, unconventional, unusual, way out, weird, AND whacky..WHEW!

10 Weird Facts About Me (only 10?)
  1. I don't like my food to touch each other. I am sure that my food is very nice and friendly and could get along just fine but god forbid my gravy runs into my corn....there is no way I would eat that.
  2. I save the tips of my fries. When I eat french fries, I eat right down to the tip that I am holding and then leave that small piece on my plate. Not sure why.
  3. Hate mice, but have had rodents such as hamsters and guinea pigs as pets.
  4. My bed has to be made before I sleep in it.
  5. I love burnt Peanut Butter Cookies.
  6. When I want my little boy to hurry up, I say, "Come on, Quick like a bunny." I have no idea where that came from.
  7. I use the News of the Weird as a news source.
  8. I refer to Coke, Pepsi, etc as soda. Everyone I know refers to it as pop and thinks that is odd.
  9. I use the British spelling of words. You know...theatre, shoppe, colour, humour. I just like it. And that some people find it annoying amuses me.
  10. I don't have cable television. (one of the only people in America besides my parents.) Everyone always asks, "Then, what do you watch?" I reply, "Books", which is a total lie but makes me sound intelligent. And yes, I do have a rabbit ear antennae and no there is no foil on it.

*Bonus..I cover my ears in a scary part of a movie instead of my eyes. The sounds are scarrier than the sights to me.

I would have loved to complete the bonus part of this challenge, but I am in the process of packing up the Scrap room. It is a very sad process. I feel like I am shipping off my friend! wahhhhh. This ensures no scrapping til I get moved so that I am focused and there are no distractions.


Collette Osuna said...

what a great list!!
I too, need to make my bed before getting in it, hehehe
Good luck on the move, all your scrap "stuff" will be waiting for you desperately, Im sure, until you get re-settled:)

Heather said...

I have friends that have either no cable or no tv at all! Rest assure, you're not alone! :)

I also call it soda! :) My DH's family calls all soda "coke" doesn't matter if it's Sprite or Pepsi!

Great list!

Stephanie said...

Funny--when I taught at preschool, I'd tell the kids there to move "quick like a bunny" and I have no idea how that started either.

Patience said...

sorry to hear your scrap goodies are packed :-( Thanks for sharing a great list!

Mimi said...

Hey, I choose grey over gray every time!

Great list!