Wednesday, September 28


Need this
Want this
Must have this

I so love Depeche Mode. I have loved them since High School and still do. In fact, I still think Dave Gahan is one of the hottest men alive. So sexy, so hot, so yummy. When I was younger, I thought that Andrew Fletcher was the man, it was the red hair. Love those redheads!!

In 1986, I found the color Black and my whole world changed. I turned into that "new wave" chick that LOVED dmode and hated the world. Well, as a 30 something mom, I still think these guys rock and still listen to all their music. I heard last week that they are coming to rock Chicago in November, but *sigh* the tickets I saw were $50-$75!! With the service charges of Ticketbastard that makes tickets about $70-$100. There is no way this single mom can justify that kinda expense, even for Dave.

Heard a new single and it is good. YAY!! So depressing when groups you once loved comes out with music years later and it sucks. So happy for them, so unhappy that I can't see them.

If God has a master plan
That only He understands
I hope it's your eyes He's seeing through
Oh're such the poet.

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Mimi said...

I wish you could go - I've seen them once (in 1990).

That album cover is kind of freaky, though.