Thursday, June 9

Wild Wild Life

Well this corner of the world seems to be a bit wacky lately. I have countless projects I am working on and because there are so many, I am really working on none. When the mountain is too high, I really can't get up the nerve to start the climb, so I have been sitting at the base looking up and gasping. Up until last week, I had about 4 big projects and then I decided to take on my cousin's September wedding. As much as I love making something as beautiful as wedding creations, this is a ginormous undertaking. She has only recently been engaged and the date of the wedding is only 3 months away. Tick Tick Tick. Does anyone know what color is dark pink?

The last day of school is tomorrow and I actually made a little OPAW last week for Max's teacher with pictures from a field trip a few weeks ago. It needs a few final touches this evening before the unveiling and I also need to take some photos of it to post here. I will be creating something similar for the soccer coach as Saturday is our last game and I have only taken about 4 rolls of film this season. (96 pictures) Not sure how to put this little project together that is cool enough for a man and large enough to hold a bunch of pictures. We'll see how that pans out tonight.

More importantly, I am still looking for a new place to live. It seems that not only is real estate expensive to buy in Park Ridge, but renting is not much cheaper. I don't even really care about staying in this town other than I like the little town and I spent years getting things straight with the school. Hate to switch now and start all over with a whole new bunch of problems. I have strongly considered moving back into the city limits. I loved living in Chicago which is why I am just a few blocks away. If I move to the city, that would require careful review of the schools or possibly private school. So, granted, it is cheaper to rent a place in the city, but I may be paying for an elementary school education. Catch 22.

Work is work. I have actually had some stuff to type this week which I suppose is good, but I like having more free time for blogs, scrap sites and general time wasting.

While checking out the celebrity gossip this morning (yes, I am one of those people). I saw more news about Tom and Katie. I know a little while back I had commented that I wished some charming man would refer to me as Tom had about Katie. This was before he was jumping on couches and acting like a lunatic. Well, apparently, a group of people have banned together to FREE KATIE. There are t-shirts and coffee mugs with Free Katie inscribed on them. It is too funny!

After I stumbled across the Free Katie website, I found this blog which appeals to my desire to hear all the raunchy gossip about celebs. It is so cleverly written and there are great pictures! Really a must see. Conversations about Famous People

Ok....back to triggering my carpal tunnel. Damn office work!

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