Thursday, June 16

What Wasting 15 Minutes Looks Like

I am usually pretty good at coming up ways to entertain myself regardless of wear I am or what is available to me. I was sitting at my desk having the usual boring office day and it hit me, try to make something using as many office supplies as possible and only office supplies. Genius! An artistic challenge right here at my desk. Luckily, I have scissors and glue sticks readily available to me, everybody knows these are helpful. Then I looked around, opened drawers I haven't in months, and just started slapping things down on a piece of copy paper.

Office Supply Art Method
  1. First came the dots, saw them and knew I had to try and use them.
  2. Then, I thought they were kinda boring, so I added the whiteout for accent, suddenly they are bubbles. Scrap magic.
  3. Then the words...Love the doodling. First with a Sharpie marker then added the pencil scribbles.
  4. Looked up the quote on Think Exist, so that used the computer.
  5. Tore the paper, way too boring, and added blue highlighter to the edges.
  6. Looked for a black ink pad, every office has one but mine. Used the Sharpie again on the edges.
  7. Saw some very brightly colored post its, cut out some petals and a center...instant flower.
  8. Needed more background so I added the red pen *s. And then remembered we had a red ink pad, no black but two red ones. Used the pencil eraser to ink little red circles over the *s. The ink pad was old though, so they aren't really red.
  9. Knew I had to use the stapler, I use that in my scrapbook. Did the corner.
  10. Added the paper clip and a ribbon made out of the edge of the Fed Ex slip. It is the official office ribbon now, they have a ribbon for everything else, why not.
  11. Signed my name right above the Sign here sticker.
  12. Put little collage thingy onto the typical yellow legal pad paper. Needed to use that for something, lord knows I never use them to write on.

So, that's what you get with 15 minutes, 16 office supplies and me. I think everytime I do something like this and post it, my friend, April is screaming that she can't work with me. I wish you could girl, we would have so much fun!! Sometimes, you just gotta bust out some I do.

Now, back to work, unfortunately.

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