Thursday, May 19

Where's OPAW?

Ok, so I know I promised myself that I would accomplish OPAW (one project a week). I had been doing so well. Last week, I even submitted another layout to Memorie Makers for their pet call. I was on a roll. The creative juices were flowing like crazy....then the brakes! I just have been so distracted lately and I can't get to it. Tried to make some cards this week so that I can finish my proposal for the park district once and for all....but no. The cards I have made have been so lack luster. I don't know what is wrong. I am freaking out about paper choices and simplicity, so not like me. I am making a huge thing out of nothing. This is affecting my ability to create like you wouldn't believe. I am now officially in a rut. I am not even sure if it is a rut, I just feel like I am not focused on it. When I sit, nothing comes. I move stuff around, rearrange the room to get things going, but nothing. I tried to make something for about 40 minutes last night. Just one simple card. And I couldn't do it. It was terrible. If anyone had seen it they would have thought a 5 year old made it, a blind five year old.

I am going to try with every ounce to create something tonight. Of course, it will have to fit in between going to the post office, bank and somewhere for dinner. As well as laundry and going to the mall to find something to wear for family pictures on Saturday. And let's not forget, tomorrow is the Spelling Test.... no wonder I can't create anything, I barely have time to think.

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