Monday, May 16

Learn something new every day

So these little blogs seem to becoming more and more popular and I have been trying to find a new one every day that is cooler than the day before. It all started Friday when I stumbled across this one, Post Secret. I was intrigued and amused. I read each and every one, wishing there was more. And then, today I found the Waiter's Rant, which is so well written and entertaining that I could easily read an entire book of this guys experiences waiting tables. I know my blog is not as interesting as these, but informational and slightly interesting to people who know me.
I know today is supposed to be Meme Monday, but I was not interested in this weeks challenge, so instead I am typing useless information. I had a crazy rockstar weekend and need to reflect and recover. So today, a top ten list that is not only scientific but proven to be corrected several times, unfortunately.

Top Ten Signs That Your Man/Woman is cheating
  1. He/She is mad all the time about little nonsense things that are not even worth an ounce of time to even think about.
  2. He/She is buying new clothes or looking better than you have seen in years.
  3. He/She is going out A LOT and not coming home some nights.
  4. He/She is very defensive about everything.
  5. He/She wants to go out, just not with you.
  6. He/She has new "friends" that you have never heard of before.
  7. You aren't getting sex.
  8. He/She is resembling the show Cheaters.
  9. He/She is not interested in anything that is even remotely associated with you.
  10. He/She is a completely different person.

The crazy drama of the weekend has prompted this list. This is all I need to say about that. Did I cheat on someone? Was I an accomplice to some cheating? All NO! Do I know of someone who is cheating? Do I know someone who should open their eyes and see what the hell is going on? YES! YES! YES! Wake up man! I know you don't want to see the ugliness of the situation but is right in front of your nose.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." (one of my favs)

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