Sunday, April 24

Sunday Boring Sunday

The Way I like it!!

Ok, so Sunday should be reserved for good things like staying in my pajamas til 4pm and working on fun projects, watching movies and ordering pizza instead of cooking!! Yeah Sunday! This is the kind of weekend day I enjoy as opposed to yesterday which was filled with driving all over the countryside, errands, family and exhaustion. I was so tired by the time I got home at 10:30, I couldn't move.

Lucky for me, the boss man is gone this weekend, so I can continue to work on some projects, yeah! And it is great timing because I am not in a rut! I am on fire! I cannot stop creating. I have 100 colors and patterns filling my every thought and I need to make something. So timing of high holiday could not be better!

Those keeping track... No moving plan yet, but working on it!
I have some thoughts on the recent Expo as well, but that will have to wait til tomorrow. And my bestest friend Eric called over the weekend, and I haven't stopped smiling since! Tell you all about it tomorrow. (yes, this is a mental note for myself because I will forget!)

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