Monday, April 25

Review of the Chicago Scrapbook Expo

Not that my opinion really matters, but I will give it anyways... Like I do all the time.

Scrapbook Expo is an annual occurrence in these parts and generally I enjoy it. There are usually new products, new ideas, and sometimes even a great deal. Well, this time, the expo had none of the above. Talk about a disappointment! First of all, the Expo is usually held in the fall and the last one was in fact held in September of 2004. So, this sudden change in dates, I think left some of the usual vendors out. I was sad to miss Lasting Impressions and this nice lady Joyce who only sells at shows and is usually there. I always got a great idea and deal from her. Also, there was not a lot of new product. Sure, Rusty Pickle had their new book at the show. And there was a vendor who was carrying all the new Bazzill Paper and someone even had Basic Grey. But all and all, it was the same OLD stuff.

I took three classes at the show and to be honest, as a cheap person, I didn't think I got my money's worth at two of the classes.

I took the Rusty Pickle class last year at the show and we made a 2pg layout as well as a little card book thingy (I know great description) and we got a ton more paper. But this year, just a little 2 pg layout and it looked similar to last year's pages!! Come on! Teresa Collins is a brilliant lady and I expected so much more!! Come to the midwest Teresa!

The Out of the Box Class was cute and a "different" idea, which I enjoy fresh and funky! So I enjoyed that part of the class and the teacher was very organized and well prepared.

By far, the best class was the Basic Grey class which was sponsored by Paperkuts magazine. In general, I am not a fan of the publication so I was uneasy at the prospect of them teaching a class. I had to take this class, I have been staring at this paper for too long and I don't know what to do with it. Well, this was well worth the time and money. We each got at least 8 sheets of paper, stickers, monograms, tags, ribbon and our very own distress ink pad! It was a deal. The instructor was very well prepared and there were 3 projects. Great Class!! Good job Paperkuts, I underestimated you!

So, all in all, it wasn't a waste of a day off, but I felt there should have been so much more. I expect good things from this show and they just didn't come thru this time.

There is a
Memories Expo next month, but it is all the way in St. Charles and I had not planned on going, now I am thinking I may have to look into it in case they are making up for the slack this month!

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