Monday, April 25

Happy Thought

As an avid scrapbooker, there are things that make me happy that other scrappers couldn't care less about. There is generally one thing that all Scrappers have in common... We LOVE Color! Pictures like this get me excited, make me want to get out a coloring book and go to town. I love it!!
I would probably hang pictures of paper and colored pencils in my living room and everyone would mock me as usual. These are the visions that race through my head and make me happy. The thoughts that cloud my artistic brain all the time. And to think that my home and rooms are so boring in comparison...Huh! My life is mainly greys, browns, black and white... Yet my soul screams out in technicolor! It screams in KI pink and gorgeous yellows. I really need to consider changing my surroundings to nurture my soul. Have to add that to the To-Do List!

KI... YAY!! Love your patterns and color combos! Posted by Hello

Ok, so I said Happy thought, right?! Well, yes, color is my happy thought of almost every day, but my happy thought for the last three days revolves around a phone call I received at 3pm CT on Saturday afternoon. My bestest friend in the world, unfortunately has relocated (a couple times) in recent years and not even within driving distance. Luckily, he somehow has impeccable timing on his phone calls and they always come when so desperately needed. So, he called me on Saturday, just to tell me that he had met a 9 yr old version of me while visiting "the girls" and just wanted to take her home had it not involved an amber alert. Apparently, this cute little angel (had to be if she was like me!) had him cracking up like crazy and talked his ear off. And to top it all off, she looked like me. I think he had mentioned this child one other time, because I felt a little deja vu when he told me. So, I had the permagrin going like nuts. It was so good just to hear his voice. Just to hear he was thinking about me. Just to know he is still there. In the middle of all the recent stressful chaos, he was a beacon of light. Man, I miss him so much. I truly think he has no concept how much he means to me, how much I truly, down into my soul, love this man, more than any other man. Love you Eric... So much!!

So, it brings me to my happy thought. I have so wanted to visit him when he lived in LA but I feared for my life should I have tried. But now that he lives deep in the heart of Texas, alone, I really wanted to visit him. Everytime I looked at fares, they were like $300! But, low and behold, I looked this morning, and the fare was $185 roundtrip, non-stop from O'Hare!! YAY! So, I can go and see my buddy, my happy. And, I can go before he visits in July. Which was my other happy thought, I get to see him in July... Definitely! YAY!

Still working on the house situation... Called a realtor. Hate those guys! They are like Used Car Salesmen but with homes instead of cars. And checking all the papers and any connections I have. Cross your fingers!

For the time being, I am happy, I am smiling... And I am missing my friend! But I know I will get to see him soon. Yes!

Kid on Bus: What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?

Napoleon Dynamite: Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

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