Thursday, March 31

Jumping in With Both Feet! Whoopee!!

Ok, so this is my first post and as my “Premiere Blog”, I am feeling a sense of pressure to post something award winning. Let’s face it, anything I could have done and written about would be far from award winning. I have been reading some blogs quite a bit lately and as a huge fan of the “journal”, I thought that this would be a great way for me to write and get myself out there. Out where, you ask? Out on the big WWW…the technological freeway of love.

This also helps me with my new found attitude. I am actually going to try and follow through on something….I know what you’re thinking, “that is impossible, sure, she has the ideas, but they never go beyond her thick skull”. Well, I am attempting to keep myself accountable to myself from now on.

So, first step today was to post some of my layouts on
2peas that I have been holding onto for the past few months, with good intention just poor follow through. I always look at the gallery on the website, but never posted and should. So, today I did. I just did it. Here they are if you would like to sneak a peek. No more excuses. No more should coulda woulda…..I did it. And I am proud of myself. It made me feel good and any little bit helps. Also, I started this log. Coulda cleaned my scraproom, it needs it desperately, but I did this instead and it feels GREAT! I love it!

In light of the recent events with Terry Schaivo, I am glad that I am actually doing something instead of just going with the flow like the zombie that I am. I also think it is appropriate here to remark on this case, should I ever find myself in this predicament (heaven forbid). I never want to be kept alive by any extreme measures….not even the feeding tube. (unless it is piping in nachos and beer) I will hope that I have lead a fulfilling life and I am sure that I will miss all my loved ones as they will miss me, but just let me go to a better place. And by all means, please donate all my organs to people who need them if you can. The only exception I have to that rule, is that I am not too keen on donating things to medical science. Don’t want anyone to clone me down the road. But feel free to have an organ garage sale. I know the importance of this and appreciate everyday the second chance that my brother was given.

So that is the first daily dose of spazzness. I ramble, always have always will, so get used to it. And I always have something to say about everything. I can’t think of one thing I don’t have an opinion about….huh. So, I am sure I will have plenty more to say tomorrow!

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