Thursday, August 16

Me on Babble: My Top 12 Crafts of All Time

Recently on a trip to the big apple for BlogHer, I ran into a fellow craft blogger I met very briefly at CHA Summer in July.
I'm not gonna lie, it was so nice to see a somewhat familiar face in the giant sea of women and get a chance to actual talk to her and ask the questions I had been dying to know.
"How did you get so many Pinterest followers?"
"What's the reason behind the Handmade Charlotte name?"
"How the heck do you do what you do with all those kids?!?!"
Rachel and I were instant friends.
Within the first 5 minutes of talking, we were already planning our day together.
And the next thing I knew I was in a cab, galavanting through NYC in search of all the best craft spots.

First stop was the Lion Brand Studio.
Wow, what a cool place that can easily inspire a person to buy a bunch of yarn she doesn't need nor have the room for in her tiny work area.

Then it was off to one of my most favorite corners of New York, M&J Trimmings.
Holy Sparkles Batman!
This place is a DIYers dream come true.
Need a button, they only have like a million.

Then we stuck to 6th street because it is the mecca of beads.
We ducked into a couple shops and fondled all the gems.
(Yes, I said fondled.)
Let me tell ya, if you want to talk craft with a crafter, just do it in crafty stores.
It will inspire not only your next three projects but keep the conversation exciting.
"So, on Twitter, I like to...ooohhh look, shiney!"

And thus, an article on Babble was born.


I was so excited when Rachel asked little 'ol me if I wanted to be the center of an article and share my favorite crafts.
How could I refuse?
And I was so happy to read she thought we were instant friends too.

Be sure to check out my Top 12 All Time Favorite Crafts, they are some of the best I have ever seen.

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