Monday, May 23

Yeah, I met Martha Stewart

I know this post is loooonnnngggg overdue.
My friends have been sorely disappointed in my ability to get things done in a timely manner.
But they know me, so they should expect this. No?
And there was a great write-up of our Martha Adventure on Craft Critique, so I figured that bought me a little time.
Granted, not a couple months.
Plus, I never did a write up about my Caribbean Adventure with the craft editor of Martha Stewart, so they are rightly upset with me.

So, I'm making up for it right now with a feast for the eyes of tons of photos from my super awesome NYC adventure to meet the queen herself.

We were literally invited to this special Craft Hour show about 2 weeks before the show was scheduled to be taped.
Even with the short notice, we didn't even hesitate for a milli-second when we were emailed, you don't stammer when Martha's people call.
We made immediate plans to stay with one of our reporters, Morgan, in Jersey because let's face it NYC is big money.
(Plus, I would get to see the Jersey sites and hopefully a little fist pumping)

We arrived in Jersey on Tuesday and Morgan took us to her favorite pub for burgers and brews, which was a perfect carbo-loading pre-taping meal.
Since we were going to be taking public transportation to get into NYC, we mapped out a scheduled and determined we would need to be up at about 5am and out the door at 6:15am.
Now, maybe that doesn't seem THAT early to you but when you are on CST and you are now suddenly on EST with an early wake up like that, it is mighty early.
The excitement of the experience was enough to make me pop out of bed bright and early.
It even fueled me enough to put on makeup and cute clothes.

Our trip to NYC on public transportation was actually delightful.
Jersey folks are super nice and helpful.
I actually thought it was easier to maneuver than it is here in Chicago (and people were way friendlier).
We arrived totally on time, totally shocking for me, with a line of people outside the studio waiting to get in.

Once inside, we checked our coats and headed into the waiting room.
There are photos of magazine covers and Martha everywhere plus, they are playing clips of the show to keep everyone entertained.

I met Grace from Design Sponge in the waiting room.
But didn't see very many bloggers waiting.
We were invited to live blog the whole show and little did we know it was going to be LIVE.
I totally assumed it would be like the Blog Show Martha did, where the whole audience was filled of just bloggers.
But alas, it wasn't.
There was just a handful of us.
And they led us in first.
The studio is so cool in person and there is a lot going on before the show starts.

When we were led into the studio, I about died when I saw where our seats were.
Right in front.
Like the front row.
Like 8 feet from all the action.
And when I saw the names on the seats, mine was dead center.
Right next to Grace from Design Sponge.
When I spoke to her in the waiting room, she said someone was doing a craft from her site on the show which is why she was there.
So I knew the camera would be on her at some point in the show.
Which meant chance were that I would also be on camera.
Talk about instant panic.
I quickly used my iPhone to check my hair and makeup.
And got all set up for the liveblogging during the show.
Joey came around while we were snapping away while he was getting the audience all riled up.

Then a photographer came over and took our picture.
Can you see all that nervous energy on my face?

And then Martha entered.
Cool as a cucumber.

The show started and literally it was right in front of me.
In fact one of the prompter screens was at my feet, so occasionally Martha and the guest would look directly at my feet.
The first project segment was with the Design Sponge girl and again, I knew they would be going to Grace.
I typed away, liveblogging like a crazy person.
In fact, I didn't even see most of the show since my nose was in the computer the entire time.
But then...after Martha made her paper log...the camera went to Grace.
And me.
For that split second I thought to myself, "Hurry, look up. Smile. The entire world can see you and you make faces when you type."
So, I did.
And there I was on TV.
My mom should be happy with all that money she spent on braces now.

Then they went to a commercial break and Martha just kept on crafting.
Seriously, that lady loves to craft.
It was like she just had to finish every project she started.
And then the director would come over and nudge her so they could set up the next project.
It was all very calm and organized.
There's Hannah Milman, the crafter extraordinaire I got to spend a whole vacation with.
She's the sweetest person and just a fountain of information about craft.

In between each segment, a photographer would come out and snap photos of Martha and each guest.
There was a total rhythm to the entire process.

And Martha would crack jokes and say the funniest stuff.
If there was one thing I didn't know about Martha, it's that she is one funny lady.
Then it happened.
Before Hannah's segment, she walked up and hugged Sarah and I.
And just by chance, we asked, "Can we meet Martha? Is it possible?"
Of course Hannah was like, "I'm on it."
And during one of the segment breaks, the director comes out and is like, "All of you, on set with Martha."
Now, you know everyone was instantly up and headed to the right of that table to get close to Martha.
Sarah and I went left.
It was one of the smartest decisions we've ever made.
I should screen print myself a Tshirt that says, "I went left and met Martha."
Well, since we were the only two on her left, she turned and talked to us.
What did I say?
Not sure really besides my name, I know I said that.
But we talked.
And then this photo was snapped.

And Martha turned the other way and quickly met the rest of the bloggers.
And the show went on.
At the very end of the show, before the end, the director came to us and quickly said, "Everyone get ready Martha is going to you next."
Martha was going to introduce us, on camera.
And she did.
I was all clumsy and awkward because I had a laptop in my lap and had to stand suddenly.
And I know I said Craft Critique but totally didn't say my name...duh.
But it was like I instantly became a moron.
After the show, we were allowed on set to take photos.
It was a total privilege since the audience is not allowed on set.

Sarah Moore, Hannah Milman, Hosanna Houser
It was all like a dream.
Like I said, I felt like I missed the entire show.
When I watched it later, I felt like I was seeing it for the first time and that I looked like a total dork.

And if that wasn't enough, we then headed over to the MSLO offices for a private tour with Jodi Levine, the other editor I got to vacation with.

We saw it all!
Every nook and spot in the joint.
Martha's office, where all that cooking happens, the craft room...oh it was just jaw dropping.
And the prop room, where they get all there stuff for shoots and the set.
That was amazing, talk about owning everything.

And we got to pick the brains of the MSLO big shots.
Oh and see new product while still in the testing phases.
So amazing.
It definitely confirmed that it would be a dream come true to get to work there.

Then it was off to find a slice of pizza.
I had to compare to our delicious Chicago variety.
And I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, if only from a very far distance.

And Time Square.

Dana Vitek, Sarah Moore and Me...The Craft Critique Editors
By 2pm, we were exhausted and headed by to Jersey.
Yeah, like I said it was all amazing.
And any time I think to myself, "Why does so much crap come my way?"
I just remind myself...Uh, You met Martha.


Jessica Diedrich said...

Love this...such great pics and what a fun experience...but I have to say what stands out the most is that you are just. so. pretty. I don't mean that in a stalkerish weird way at ALL, btw, LOL!! seriously, you just look gorgeous in these pics! Will I be seeing your pretty self this summer in Chicago? <3

Christian said...

It was such a great day! Meeting Martha like that!

Donna Baker said...

WOW! that is exciting girl!! Wish I had caught the show and hello?? you look FAB in that picture, so glad you looked up from your computer. what fun!!

Matt Maldre said...

So cool!!!! wow. i'm in awe. Total awe.

Sidepoint: after seeing all the back scene photos of crafty goodness organization and shelves, and then seeing photos of new york architecture, it makes me feel like the architecture should be all crafterized and organized by Martha. Orgacrafterized.