Thursday, July 22

New Puppy Scrapbook Layout

I admit it.
I haven't scrapped a single page of anything in almost a year.
Totally shocking if you could see the entire room of scrappy crap that I have accumulated.

Lucky for me scrapping is kinda like roller skating.
Once you know how to do it, you can do it forever although as you get older and more time passes, the first time you get up on those wheels it may be super hard and you may fall on your face.
I decided one day last week that I was going to scrap.
I literally had to make a commitment to myself that I wouldn't give up and just one page done, nothing fancy.

It was hard.
Real hard.

I just haven't done it in so long and really lost my creative mojo.
And I know plenty more crafty people that this has happened to.

So here it is, the super simple page that took me like 2 hours and lots of cursing and frustration...

New Puppy Layout

I used Making Memories Noteworthy Collection which I had sit collecting dust since it originally came out.
And American Crafts letter stickers, Heidi Swapp chipboard flower and Bazzill Eggplant color cardstock as the base although in these photos it doesn't look very purple.

puppy Layout details 2

puppy Layout details 1

Isn't she cute?
But man, don't let that cuteness deceive you, she is a little troublemaker.
She's 5 months now, totally house broken (thank god) but has her moments where she just feels like jumping up on to our dining room table.
And don't be surprised if you sit down and she instantly jumps into your lap like a 40lb. cat.

2010 has been a trying year so far.
I really thought it would be the year of the spazz and the stars would allign for me but so far that hasn't happened.
As much as I try to keep up with blogging, managing the Craft Critique blog keeps me VERY busy and so does life.
Isn't it funny how life gets in the way sometimes?

But, while I am still job hunting and trying to maintain some sense of order around my house and parent a mouthy teenage boy, I am determined to find my crafty groove again.
So stay tuned, if there is anyone out there on the interwebs who even look here anymore....


Michele Kovack said...

YAY! You posted something!! And something cute I might add!! She is adorable Simone!!!

Jo said...

Hey, still here. So cool to see your post today in my reader. Your puppy is gorgeous, but she does look a tad michevious!

Lynda said...

You have been missed!...glad to see you return. Take 'baby' steps and soon you will be back in the groove! Your pup is adorable and we too have a new 'devil dog'!

Jessica Diedrich said...

HOORAY!!! You are soooo right-life gets sooo in the way of blogging sometimes and if I didn't 'have' to do it who knows what would happen, LOL! NO evidence of creative mojo missing, here, lady! This is ADORABLE-just like your pupster! Love the scalloped circle and how you did the title, too-this is SO awesome! Keep going, keep going!!! ;)

Crafty Connie said...

Your puppy and layout are so gorgeous.
Hang in there, the planets will align and you will have better luck.

Lorrie said...

Love this layout!!! Too bad you don't live near me. You could come and scrap with me in my "cottage of crap"!!! I've missed your spunky posts. I'll make you a bet, if you post more, I will!