Tuesday, February 2

CHA Winter 2010 - Part One, The Super Show

Ok, here's the start of my recap of CHA Winter 2010, brace yourselves!
It was a crazy week.

CraftCritique had a booth at the CHA Super Show which started Friday afternoon.
Remember, I told ya I have a new job?
Well, this was a great way to get started that's for sure!
People were really excited about our big raffle and we had a ton of visitors to our booth, which made the day fly just blabbing with fellow crafters.

There were lots of retailer booths at the show but also a few Manufacturers who were showcasing new products and had free projects, like ProvoCraft.
People got to decorate their own cupcakes with the new Cake machine and make little boxes to take them home in.
I tried to hijack their cupcake cart once as it passed our booth, but unfortunately I failed.

Their booth was amazing, complete with stage and audience seating area.
They had some of the Ultimate Cake Off bakers there as well, which I thought was super cool.

Craftster was there too with their own booth.
They brought along a few of their cool projects by their members, I loved them!

CraftCritique also sponsored the Handmade Pavilion, which was awesome to have crafters there at the show selling their wares, like my buddy, Erin.
She had the best handmade booth, which she made herself!

And lots of cool samples.

There were lots of cool retailers there, some had some really good deals.
And I ran into this blogger buddy, Donna, who I always wanted to meet and lucky for me, she recognized me right away.
That could have been really awkward.

Oh and I watched a little of Carol Duvall's presentation as well.
But what is more exciting is that I actually met her in the hallway at the show.
I told her how much I loved her and have been watching her forever.
She tells me, "Oh honey, you aren't nearly old enough to have watched me that long!"
I love you, Carol Duvall.

I had no idea what to expect at the Super Show since I hadn't attended the one at CHA Summer 2009 but I can tell ya, it was exhaustingly fun.
I have never stood or walked for that many hours in a row, ever.
And I have never seen that many crafty people all in one place.  (8,000 of them!!)
It was great to meet CraftCritique readers and even better to hang out with the CraftCritique girls but man, by the time CHA started on Sunday, I was already exhausted!

That part of the story, next.


metrochic said...

Next time, I'm in for the long haul. Can't wait for part deux.

Jessica Diedrich said...

Lovin your pics and recap...I don't even have the energy to post mine yet LOL! SO good to see you-and I didnt know you got to hang w/ the fabulous Donna! LOVE that girl! can't wait to see more from the show (haha esp since I didn't really get to walk aroudn much, LOL!)

clhenry99 said...

whoa...im in love with that handmade stitchery.

Donna Baker said...

oh my goodness - how did I miss this post?! you're too funny, of COURSE I recognized you crazy woman! I am SO glad you found me, I hardly had any time to walk around during the show and hardly saw anything! I also got real SICK after I got back (a raging headache on that Sat too!) HUGS!!